New Mom Looking For The Homeless Man Who Went Above And Beyond To Return Lost Purse

Why is it that those who have nothing always seem to go out of their way to be kind to others?  Is it perhaps because they know the true worth of a simple kind gesture?

In today’s busy world, so many of us are too focused on ourselves and have forgotten the value of helping someone out.

To learn what life is like on the streets, watch the video below of a homeless couple who have learned to survive with nothing but each other:

Case in point: This next story will totally restore your faith in humanity when you hear how a homeless man went above and beyond to return a very expensive purse –  filled with jewelry and a wallet – to its rightful owner without asking for anything in return.

Jess Beech ihas recently become a new mother and decided to go out with some of her friends to celebrate the birth of her baby daughter. Blame it on having her first night out since giving birth, or perhaps on the stresses of being a new mom, but the 21-year-old lost her Michael Kors handbag that night.

The designer bag, which is worth close to $200 alone, was filled with jewelry, cash, gifts, and most significantly, Beech’s newborn daughter’s hospital name tag. Understandably, Beech was devastated.

“I lost the purse and to be honest, I thought I wouldn’t get it back, but I was more bothered about the fact the hospital band that my daughter had worn was in it,” she said. “She was premature and so it was tiny, I stupidly hadn’t taken it out of my purse but I really wanted it back.”

If you’ve ever lost your purse while out for the night, then you know it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever get it back. However, little did Beech know that someone very unexpected was making a great effort to return her handbag.

“My step-mum was visiting last week and I was in the bath when there was a knock on the door,” Beech explained. “It was a volunteer from a soup kitchen and one of their homeless had returned the purse. The woman wouldn’t take any donations because they’re not a charity.”

Beech contacted the soup kitchen and they explained just how much trouble a homeless man had taken to return the lost purse.

“He went and specifically found that volunteer because he knew she was from Wirral, and my ID had my address on it as ‘Bromborough’. The purse had everything still in it – jewelry, gift cards, and the name tag – so I’m just so happy to get it back,” she said.

Beech continued, “You see so many homeless people that you can’t donate to them all, but that purse is worth £130, it’s probably more money than he’ll see in months, but he still did the right thing. Even though he was probably desperate because it was during that really cold snap.

“We all complain that we’re skint or that we’ve got no money, but there’s always money in the bank, there’s always a fridge full of food, we have a roof over our heads. We’re so lucky and we don’t even realize.”

Beech is now determined to find the homeless man who returned her purse so she can give him a reward. She would like anyone in the Liverpool, UK area who may be familiar with the mystery good Samaritan, or has information on who he might be to come forward.

Good deeds never go unrewarded!

Perhaps next time you pass a homeless person on the street, give a little money if you can spare it, or if you can’t then simply smile and politely acknowledge their presence. Be kind. No one deserves to be ignored.

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