Heroic Pit Bull Puppy Emerges From House Fire Carrying Family’s Baby By The Diaper

Now we all know (well, the reasonable people amongst us) just how incredible dogs are. I mean, they have heaps of energy, they're fun, intelligent, and they're affectionate.

But often we take for granted just how devoted they are to keeping us (especially their owners) safe, sound, and far from any kind of danger.

And this instinct kicks in incredibly early - even puppies feel responsible for ensuring the safety of their human family.

In fact, an eight-month-old pit bull is now being referred to as a hero after saving a baby and her family from a fire in their home in Stockton, California.

Learn more about the story below:

The dramatic and potentially lethal fire started on Saturday, June 3, when th family's pit bull puppy named Sasha did all she could to draw attention to the dangerous flames that were engulfing her home.

At the time, the entire family was asleep, but Sasha was alert and knew that she had a duty to protect her vulnerable owners.

This is the fire that Sasha witnessed and alerted her family to:

The young pooch immediately started barking and banging against the door in order to get their attention, Soon enough, Nana Chaichanhda was woken up by the dog's relentless barking.


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