Hero Teen Babysitting Her Niece Sends Mom Terrifying Texts After Intruder Breaks In

A home invasion in scary enough, but it’s absolutely terrifying when your 14-year-old daughter and baby granddaughter are inside, locked in the bathroom.

Savannah Jones, who is just 14, is now being called a hero after protecting her baby niece from a horrifying home invasion by locking herself and her niece in the bathroom.

Savannah was babysitting when she heard knocking on her family’s front door around 3:30 pm. Not expecting anyone, and without anyone else at home, she didn’t answer. When the knocking persisted, she quietly looked through the peephole and saw a strange man she did not know.

Acting on instinct, she took her baby niece into the bathroom and locked the door. It was a good thing she did because the knocking became more violent.

Savannah quickly contacted her mother to let her know what was happening, but while on the phone, there was a terrifying sound of the man breaking down the front door.

Savannah tried to keep her niece quiet, attempting to make sure she would be kept safe as the man rummaged through the house, tearing apart two bedrooms. Savannah says she was more concerned with her niece’s safety than her own.

Watch the video below to see why the Police lauded Savannah has a hero.

Savannah’s family is just relieved that everyone is safe in what could have been a very tragic event.

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