Here’s What These Powerful Politicians Look Like With Man Buns

Top knots, or “man buns”, have been around for a long time, but their recent emergence as a fashion trend among men has been a strange and frankly a little bewildering spectacle. At once a desired look and an object of ridicule, it’s often fun just imagining friends, family, or even celebrities with a man bun.

While they are prolific by this point in time, there is an aloofness to the hairstyle that’s unlikely to be found in certain spaces. This is never more true than in the world of politics, where the professional, conservative look of our world leaders seems incompatible with the man bun craze.

That’s why it was so funny when a photoshopped image of Donald Trump rocking the man bun made the rounds on the internet. Now, after crowdsourcing website DesignCrowd hosted a contest asking users to photoshop man buns onto politicians, we can see even more photos from a strange alternate universe where the top knot reigned supreme.

1. The one that started it all

2. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson

3. Barack Obama

4. Abraham Lincoln

5. Kim Jong-Un

6. George W. Bush

7. Adolf Hitler

8. Richard Nixon

9. Tony Blair

10. Vladimir Putin

It’s truly bizarre how much a simple hairstyle can completely transform the personality that comes through. If you saw any of these politicians running for office with man buns, you would assume they are pretty chilled out and likely grow their own organic vegetables. But that might just be me.

If you’re looking for more examples of editing skills being put to hilarious use, check out the ridiculous results from when this couple asked the internet to photoshop a shirtless dude out of their engagement pic.

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