Here’s What Actually Goes Into McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets, the fast food snack without equal. There is nothing quite like coming out of a club or bar in the early hours of the morning, and seeing the golden arches staring at you from across the road. Like most people out there, I’ve devoured a huge box of McNuggets on a night out without giving much thought to what goes into each one. In fact, I’d say that I’ve actively avoided questioning what goes into a McDonald’s nugget, just to avoid the nightmares.

I’ve got a few friends who’ve worked in McDonald’s over the years, and all of them have had some horror stories for me regarding the kitchen and food prep. When it comes to those juicy little nuggets however, it seems that there really isn’t much to worry about. Meat scientist Amy Steward features in a new video, detailing exactly how our favourite late night snacks are made.


The video, which was posted on the “Food & Drink” YouTube channel, gives an in depth look from the factory floor, showing the whole process from clucking chicken to moist nugget. If you want to see exactly what goes into McDonald’s finest product, flick over to the next page.

Ever wanted to know what actually goes inside a McDonald’s Chicken McNugget? Well thankfully our handy meat expert Amy Steward is on hand to show us how it all goes down.

So it turns out that McNuggets aren’t filled with a load of beaks, claws and entrails. In fact, they contain breast, rib and tenderloin meat (as well as a small portion of chicken skin for extra flavour). Obviously, this may shock a few people, as everyone is under the impression that McDonald’s are out to feed us substandard food products.

In the video below, presenter Grant Imahara takes us through the whole factory process step-by-step, and even allows us a look at the tasting kitchen, where quality checks are taken very seriously.

Revealing, right? I know most people who question McDonald’s food have serious beef with what goes inside a Chicken McNugget – but it turns out that there really is nothing to worry about. McDonald’s only use white chicken meat in their signature product, and not the bones and dodgy bits some sections of society would have you believe.

Fingers crossed we’ve made ramming those juicy bites down your neck a little less guilt-filled. I mean, it’s still not as good for you as nibbling on some celery, but at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not chewing on some poor chicken’s a**hole. What joy.

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