Here’s What Tom Hiddleston Really Thinks About His Cringey Golden Globes Speech

It’s a bit of an understatement to say Tom Hiddleston went overboard with his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. After winning Best Actor for his performance in the TV serial The Night Manager, the usually awkwardly-charming Hiddleston decided to forego the charming bit when he took the news that aid relief nurses in South Sudan had binge-watched his show as evidence that he himself had completed some humanitarian work.

The overly sentimental speech provoked plenty of criticism from the internet and Twitter had a field day following the self-serving tirade. But Tom Hiddleston has clearly taken the criticism to heart, and took to Facebook to explain himself after the Golden Globes. While it doesn’t quite excuse his words at the awards show, it does put the entire incident in a slightly different light. Turn to the next page to see how Tom Hiddleston responded to his criticism at the Golden Globes.

Tom Hiddleston’s 2017 got off to the best possible start when he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor, but things quickly went downhill after his acceptance speech. He later took to Facebook to try and alleviate the pain.

In the post above, Tom puts his cringeworthy speech down to nervousness, and admitted his “words just came out wrong,” as he apologised wholeheartedly for coming off so badly at his acceptance speech. I guess Tom Hiddleston could be forgiven for being slightly nervous: Courtney B. Vance was expected to take home the prize for her work in The People v. O.J. Simpson, and maybe the pressure of being the underdog (or the surprise at winning the award) got to him. On the whole, people were extremely forgiving of Tom’s slip-up, proving that the internet’s ruthless reputation is a slight misrepresentation, and that nobody can be mad at Tom Hiddleston for too long.

As a society, we’re very prone to putting celebrities on a pedestal and placing unrealistic expectations on them, but this incident with Tom Hiddleston shows that while they are international superstars earning millions upon millions, at the end of the day, they’re just people.

After Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his first Oscar and took the opportunity to speak about global warming, Tom Hiddleston wasn’t the first actor to highlight a global issue with their acceptance speech. Tom wasn’t even the only one to do it at this year’s Golden Globes; serial award-winner Meryl Streep used her speech to call out probably the most-discussed man in politics today.

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