This Is The Very First Thing Women Notice When They Check Out Guys

Dating in the modern world can be a nightmare. Thanks to the internet, singletons have more options than ever before, but with so many potential partners to chose from, it can be hard to work out how to stand out from the crowd – especially if you’re a guy.

First impressions are incredibly important when it comes to wooing a would-be bae. It doesn’t matter if you encounter a woman you like in the office, at a bar, or even on a dating app, they’re going to be judging you from the get-go, even if it’s on a screen.

So what exactly do women notice when they see a man for the first time?

While men have made concerted efforts to solve this age-old mystery (if you’ve got Tinder, I can guarantee you’ll have specified your height), researchers have now found the answer, and your height doesn’t matter as much you think it does.

Researchers discovered their answer through technology which tracks eye movements, enabling them to record which parts of a man’s body a woman looks at first, and it turns out that it changes depending on what setting a man and woman are in.

When women are checking out guys in swimwear scenarios, contrary to what you might think, their eyes don’t immediately dart to their packages. Instead, women look at a man’s abs first. So if you’ve got a ‘dad bod’, you might want to hit the gym in the New Year.

Once a woman has checked out a man’s abs, however, her eyes will immediately dart to another (and incredibly important) part of his body.

Sticking to the swimwear scenario, the second thing that a woman will notice about a man is his face.

That’s why it’s oh-so-important not to have a group picture first on your Tinder profile – you need to give your matches a chance to decide if they like your face or not, even if you’re flashing your six-pack in your selfies.

But that’s not all, women will be even more attracted to you if you’re smiling.

After a woman’s checked out a man’s face, she’ll look at his shoulders and biceps next.

At this point, you’re probably wondering when women finally decide to check out your package, but when you’re just in swimwear, women will not be checking out your crotch. So there’s absolutely no need to fluff your manhood when you’re trying to impress a lady.

If men are out and about and fully clothed, the first thing women will notice about them is their eyes.

The fairer sex will then check out a man’s smile and then his height. So guys are not doing themselves any harm by pointing out how tall they are in online dating scenarios – if women can’t bear to be with someone who isn’t over 6ft, it’s best to not find out on a first date.

Women also pay close attention to a man’s hands the first time they meet. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to make sure that your nails are not too long and invest in a good moisturizer. Who knows? If you do, you could soon be putting your hands to good use.

But that’s not all that women look at when they’re checking out a guy for the first time!

Admittedly, there is no way of predicting exactly what will impress a lady in this department because everyone’s tastes are different, but women pay close attention to a man’s style when they’re making up their minds about whether or not he’s attractive.

But not everything that a woman notices about a man the first time they meet him is physical.

It turns out that the most attractive quality men can possess is confidence, and, even if you don’t currently feel like it’s something you’ve got, it’s definitely something you can aspire to – and it’s arguably a lot easier to obtain than a six-pack.

Although it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that women find these parts of men’s bodies important, there are some things about heterosexual attraction which are surprising. Here are the six surprising things that women find attractive about men!

But it’s important to remember that these things shouldn’t be taken too seriously.
When it comes to relationships, everyone is different, and there is no telling what your dream partner will like. Confidence is the most attractive quality of all, and you’re guaranteed to have more of it if you’re happy in your own skin – even if that means sporting a ‘dad bod’ with pride.

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