Flight Attendant Reveals The Bizarre Reason You Should Never Eat On Any Flight

It seems that at this time of year everyone has to do some traveling. Whether it's just across town to visit friends for a New Year's Eve party, or flying halfway around the world to get back home for Christmas, using some form of transportation is most likely unavoidable.

For those of us who need to travel by plane to get to our destinations, it can be quite an ordeal, especially if a long-haul flight is necessary. Going through time zones, airport delays, and sleep deprivation all contribute to jetlag that doesn't make our holidays any cheerier.

Did you know, that aside from the usual culprits, the food you eat onboard your flight could also be contributing to your jetlag? Now, a former flight attendant who regularly worked long-haul flights has revealed why she swears by not eating while up in the air.

The founder of the luxury travel firm Indagare, Melissa Biggs Bradley, spilled the secret in an interview with Bloomberg:

"Ten years ago, it was [a cabin crew member] on Singapore Airlines on what was, at the time, the longest flight in the world (17 hours from Singapore to New York).


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