Here’s How Drinking Nothing But Water For 30 Days Affects Your Body

You might not consider this very often, but water equals life. Without it, everything on Earth, from the mightiest oak to the smallest patch of moss, from teeny gnats to gigantic killer whales, is dependent upon water to survive. It's so fundamental and everyday in fact, that you probably don't remember to drink enough of it.

The simplest cocktail in the world (that's two measures of hydrogen, one of oxygen by the way) is merely an afterthought in the diet of most people in the relatively affluent western world. With an abundance of alcoholic drinks, fruit juices and sodas available to most, a simple glass of water can seem fairly bland by comparison, despite its abundance.


But there are innumerable benefits to an all-water health regimen, and drinking nothing but water for a period of just 30 days could cleanse and reinvigorate your entire body in ways you wouldn't have thought possible. Not only that, but a water diet is probably the cheapest option possible. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of an all-water regimen flick over to page two. 


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