Here Are 19 World Leaders With Totally Different Haircuts (Just Because…)

Many world leaders throughout history have become synonymous with their haircuts. Hitler’s slick black hair and toothbrush mustache became one of the most fearsome looks of the 20th century, and rarely a day goes by without Trump’s combover hitting the headlines.

While world leaders certainly have had some stand-out looks over the years, few have had truly unique haircuts. I mean, what would Putin look like with a man bun? And could Obama rock salt ‘n’ pepper dreads like a Rastafarian? These are questions that need answers.

Ever fantasized about messing up Trump’s combover? Check out the video below to see it happen for real!

Thankfully, photoshop exists, and now we will never again have to wonder what world leaders would look like if they had very different haircuts. So, without further ado, here are 19 pictures that are guaranteed to forever change how you see these famous faces:

1. How do you make Putin look like a rocker? 

You give him a man bun, of course!

2. High Sparrow from Game of Thrones, is that you?

Oh. It’s the leader of the free world. My bad.

3. God save the glorious Queen!

Erm, your Majesty? Yeah, I think you should invest in a wig before Harry’s wedding.

4. Kim Jong-topknot

He looks so jolly now that the Korean War is over!

5. Obama’s really changed his look since leaving office

He might need to chop those dreads if – fingers crossed – Michelle every decides to run for the presidency. (Hey, a girl can dream!)

6. The stress of 2016 really got to Hilary

I guess she can go wig shopping with Queen Elizabeth.

7. The White House was once a hipster paradise

George Bush definitely knows how to shake things up in the hair department.

8. Let’s go girls!

I need to get in touch with Bush’s hairdresser.

9. Prince Charles, Lady Gaga wants her hair back!

As for Berlusconi, well, Italians have always been big on fashion.

10. Cultural appropriation at its finest

You’ve gone too far, George. It’s time to shave your head.

11. The only man bun with God’s blessing

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Bun.

12. Sometimes less really is more

A lesson that President Trump has yet to learn. Bald is better than a bad combover. I preferred your first look, Churchill!

13. A slight improvement on dreadlocks for Obama

Now that he’s not president anymore, he can, quite literally, let his hair down.

14. Babraham Lincoln!

And Angela Baldmerkle. Bizarrely, she actually looks good with a shaved head.

15. Obama or Rhianna? You decide. 

I never thought I’d see the day Bush had an actual bush on his head, but here we are.

16. Trump’s version of breaking the internet

He’s the most unlikely president in history, and he definitely suits this very unlikely haircut.

17. Number 10 is full of man buns

It’s no wonder that the Conservative government decided to replace David Cameron with a woman!

18. There are also man buns in the Third Reich

They should be banished to the history books like the toothbrush mustache.

19. Danny Zuko?!

Nope. Putin’s definitely not the one that I want.

Sadly, it’s unlikely that any of these truly fabulous haircuts will ever actually end up on a world leader. That being said, almost anything is possible in the modern world, and maybe a jazzy cut is a good way for an aspiring leader to make themselves stand out! Just not a man bun.

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