Here Are The Top Ten Most Liked Instagram Photos Of 2017

We live in a world obsessed with social media. The majority of us can attest to constantly posting photos and statuses to update our friends and family about what’s going on in our lives – even if it’s as mundane as digging into a pizza that has been delivered to our house on a Friday night.

But do you know what we love as much as social media? Celebrity culture, of course. Naturally, the two go hand in hand.

Celebrities want to stay relevant so that they can continue to go multi-platinum when they release their next album, or so that their next movie can completely smash the box office. That’s why they share their oh-so-fabulous lives with their army of devoted followers on Instagram.

So, without further ado, here are the 10 most liked photos of 2017 on Instagram! Needless to say, they all belong to the world’s biggest stars.

10. Selena Gomez turns 25

If anyone deserves two birthday cakes and a number 10 spot on this list, it’s ‘Bad Liar’ singer Selena Gomez.

9. And she also deserves the number nine spot

She simply posted a photo of herself from this sexy spring shoot back in March. Because she wants to look good for you and show you how proud she is to be yours…

Selena Gomez has already snagged herself the 10th and ninth spots on this list, and guess what? Her photo with a former beau is nearly at 8 million likes! Who’d have thought that things would be so different between them by the end of 2017?!

But before that, it’s one of Instagram’s most famous families…

8. Cristiano Ronaldo and his beautiful family

This was before their fourth child was born. Now they’re two-thirds away from being “cheaper by the dozen”.

7. Weren’t they the most beautiful couple?

They may have unfollowed each other on Instagram following their break up, but this photo will forever remain in our hearts.

6. As will this one

Look at them with their shades. How smoking hot were they?!

To say that Cristiano Ronaldo is a hit on Instagram would be a total understatement! But it’s clear that his family are an even bigger hit!

5. The birth of Cristiano Ronaldo’s twins

As if the photo wasn’t adorable enough, the soccer megastar decided to caption it with the most heartwarming words I’ve ever read.

And Ronaldo’s twins certainly aren’t the only twins to feature on this list…

4. Another pair of twins

Which set of twins trumps Ronaldo’s?! Beyoncé’s of course!

Now the third most liked Instagram photo of 2017 will definitely restore your faith in humanity and pure friendship. It really is all the feels so be prepared for the waterworks!

3. That time Selena Gomez casually got a kidney from her bestie

And declared her undying gratitude on Instagram.

But Beyoncé’s twins weren’t the most liked newborns on Instagram this year…

2. Ronaldo and his girlfriend had yet another kid and named her Alana Martina

I know Ronaldo is the famous one but doesn’t Georgina Rodriguez have the most stunning postnatal face you ever did see?

1. Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement

Of course, this beauty managed to hit 11 million likes and counting. I mean, it’s Queen Bey. I hope the woman never stops having kids…

Unsurprisingly, Beyoncé managed to snag herself the top spot, but contrary to what you might think, the ‘Drunk In Love’ singer isn’t the most followed star on Instagram.

In March 2016, Selena Gomez became the most followed person on Instagram. And with a whopping 130 million followers, she has managed to retain that title throughout 2017. Back then, Selena reacted to the news in a very interesting way. Find out what she tweeted in response to the news in this video:

Well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what Instagram’s celebrities will post in 2018!

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