Here Are Five Reasons Why You Should Always Sleep Naked

We all have very different habits when it comes down to how we sleep. Some of us can only sleep on Egyptian cotton, while others feel uncomfortable lying on any sheets that don’t have a satisfactory thread count. There are those that prefer to read in bed before turning the light out and those who fall asleep to the sound of music. When it comes down to our personal preferences we are all creatures of bizarre habits.

However, when it comes down to our bedroom attire we’re all firmly split into two camps. Those who do and those who don’t wear pajamas. In fact, you may be surprised to learn how divided the nation is over clothing in bed. Despite the pretty pajama sets you see in the store, a lot of people chose to go nude while they sleep.

If you’re a pajama wearing citizen then you may be confused as to why people would opt to go stark naked in bed. Isn’t it unhygienic? What happens if there is a fire? Or an intruder? What happens if the children have a nightmare and innocently hop into bed with you?

While those points are all valid, there are many arguments to support shedding your kit in the comfort of your own bedroom. Here are a few reasons as to why you should consider wearing your birthday suit to bed…

1. You’ll sleep better

You may or may not be aware, but the human body regulates its own temperature. Over a 24 hour period, your body will heat itself up internally and cool itself down – just like a kettle if you programmed it to turn itself on and off continually.

It is during the time when your body temperature is dropping that you’re most susceptible to sleep. A cooler temperature has been proven to make you drowsy, while a higher internal heat has shown to boost energy – just think how you feel at the end of an intense gym session.

Thus, going to bed with cumbersome clothes on means that you’re more likely to heat up at the wrong moment. Sleeping in the buff can ensure that you’re at your coolest and thus help you drift off into the land of nod!

2. Your love life will improve

Let’s be honest, this is the only point you really care about. It is also one of the most obvious points because when you subtract clothes from two people and add a bed, something other than sleep is inevitable.

According to a large survey, it was found that 57 percent of people who sleep starkers are happy in their relationships, compared to 47 percent who sleep in some sort of night clothes.

Not only that but skin-on-skin contact is also very important for your happiness and wellbeing, for it produces a rush of oxytocin which induces feelings of intimacy, bonding and sexuality!

3. It could make you more healthy

In fact, sleeping like a newborn baby could make you healthier in general thanks to the “love hormone” oxytocin. Released via the pituitary gland, this naughty little hormone is able to improve physical well-being by lowering cortisol levels, regulating blood pressure, boosting your immune system, reducing pain and minimizing anxious feelings.

If that wasn’t enough, oxytocin can also make you sleep more successfully thanks to the powerful calming powers it possesses.

4. You’ll be in better shape

As we have already discovered, sleeping naked helps you to get a better night’s sleep. So with that in mind, it’s important to note how a good night’s sleep can make you healthier.

For example, the scientific journalĀ Diabetes found that sleeping in a cool bedroom and keeping your body temperature low activates brown fat in adults – a good fat that generates heat and burns those unwanted calories!

5. It’s what your private parts deserve

Sleeping in the underwear that you’ve worn all day can be pretty damaging on your nether regions. With your genitals secreting substances all day (ew), it’s very unhygienic and problematic to then proceed to wear the same pair of pants you’ve been wearing all day for a further eight hours in bed.

There is also an argument that you should let your vagina or penis breathe when you go to bed. Confined to tight materials all day there is a belief that your private parts need to be allowed some air. While there is no scientific evidence to support this, it surely can’t hurt to let yourself be free.

This isn’t the 1960’s, we don’t all need to be nude at every hour of the day, but it is 2018 and our bodies deserve some time with the natural elements – if there are any left thanks to global warming!

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