“Hairy Selfie Nails” Are Finally A Thing And The Internet Is Completely Freaking Out

When I was growing up, the only things you needed to know about fashion was that blue eyeshadow went with any outfit, blond zebra highlights looked amazing, and every item in your wardrobe looked better if it’s been rhinestoned.

Yes, I was quite the looker in freshman year!

But it seems that 10 years on, there is an undying need to keep pushing the envelope within the fashion world, and a lot of this can be put down to people wanting to stand out and make a name for themselves on social media. When I was growing up, the only make up I owned came free with a fashion magazine, but now, girls have perfected their eyebrows and mastered contouring by the time they’ve hit puberty – and this has a lot to do with social media influencers.

In this day and age, we’re becoming far more creative with our beauty and styling regime. We all want to look like our favorite celebrities, but also stand out at the same time.

In this modern age of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram, we’ve become intent on reinventing on ourselves in the most unique and outrageous ways possible. Yes, there will always be naysayers who want to poke fun out of our personal style if it’s even remotely nonconformist, but who cares what they think? Fashion is constantly changing, and here’s some very clear evidence of that.

There are all sorts of bizarre fashion trends at the moment, such as the notorious “boob nail art” and “glow-in-the-dark hair”, both of which have been making waves on Instagram. However, now there’s a new nail-based trend in town, and it’s insane!

Korean “visual illusion artist” Dain Yoon, who boasts nearly 200k followers on Instagram, has recently started posting photos of these hairy selfie nails. Dain is known on the popular photo-sharing app for her thought provoking and unique body art designs, but these may be her most questionable development yet.

The selfie nails feature five miniature versions of Dain’s face, each with a different expression. And she’s even added hair to make them appear more realistic… and freaky.

So, would you give this a go? Well, Dain Yoon’s expressive manicure has certainly got people talking, and they appear to be even more divisive than President Trump!

Yes, whilst every man in North Korea is being forced to get the same haircut as Kim Jong-un, South Korea is definitely embracing their creative freedoms and taking the humble safety to a whole new cosmetic trend!

It’s safe to say that reactions to the selfie nails have been mixed, with many people being totally freaked out by the concept of having five miniature versions of your own face (complete with hair) on the end of your hands:

Other people were straight up confused about the practicality of the selfie nails. I mean, my first thought went straight to the bedroom, but I guess they’d also get in the way in the kitchen:

Finally, there were some individuals out there that loved Yoon’s wildly creative and unique idea, with some people praising the detail and vowing to one day get their own faces painted onto their fingertips:

And if you’re not happy with the “mini-me manicure”? Well, Dain Yoon has a very a simple message for you…

(Turn it upside down…)

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