Hairdresser Dyes Client’s Hair With Nutella And The Results Are Simply Delicious

One beauty blogger on Instagram recently shared a video of a woman having her hair treated and DYED with the popular spread, which, I'm sure we'll all agree, is just a little bit nuts.

But despite the initial uncertainty you may be feeling, check out the video below to see the jaw-dropping results for yourself.

Huda Kattan originally shared the video, but due to the bizarre and unheard of nature of the treatment, it has now been widely shared online.

The treatment took place at the Aded & Samer salon in Dubai, and as the video shows, the client sat down in the hot seat with lovely blonde locks, and had them transformed into a luscious shade of brunette. In fact, you could say her hair looks good enough to eat.

The hairdresser's unique technique is simple. First, she smothers the client's wet hair with Nutella, then drizzles condensed milk over the top, then leave the pantry ingredients to work their magic by putting folds of tin foil over the top in order to lock in the goodness. (I bet it smells better than any hair treatment you've ever used).

After the woman's hair has marinated (I don't know what other word to use), the sweet elixir is then washed off, and voilà, her hair has been transformed into a gorgeous caramel color.

But how long does this look last for?


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