Guy Provokes The Most Painful Wasp On Earth To Sting Him And Instantly Regrets It

If you're anything like me, you're terrified of any animal that has the potential to sting you. Be it a wasp, bee or ant, none are welcome anywhere near my skin.

A majority of the creatures that sting cannot cause you any REAL harm, other than a slight pain, numbness or an itch. But their menacing body armor provokes an instant fear within the human mind, despite the fact that they can easily be squashed under a firm foot.

However, there are those creatures out there which do have the potential to cause you serious pain. However, it is only the brave (or stupid) who usually encounter them and experience their full wrath. One of those people is Coyote Peterson, an American wildlife educator who frequently provokes vicious animals in order to learn more about them.

The intrepid wildlife adventurer is no stranger to serious stings, however, he may have met his match when he came up close and dangerous with a Warrior Wasp.

"This is gonna definitely be tough," the 36-year-old said as he stared directly into the camera, before tempting the wasp to pierce his skin with its enormous sting.

"This experiment into what happens from an onslaught of stings opened the doors to a world of pain that I would attempt to endure in the name of education and science," he dramatically explains, while hunting for a Warrior Wasp nest in order to capture a specimen.

However, once he has the Warrior Wasp, the YouTube personality becomes nervous. "I was excited to catch it and now I realize I have just sealed my fate," he tells his eight million followers.

The aim of the experiment was to assess the potency of the Warrior Wasp's sting. Was it crippling? Could the human body tolerate it?


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