Guy Posts Ridiculous Tweet About Muslim Women Buying Lingerie, Gets Immediately Destroyed

Many insensitive or else intolerant ideas are engendered in the first instance by a lack of understanding of other cultures. That lack of understanding can all too easily become a lack of compassion and turn into something more sinister, so the importance of being well-educated and informed about cultures other than our own cannot be overstated.

Indeed, one Canadian reporter appears to have displayed a complete lack of understanding of Muslim women when he posted an entirely inadvisable tweet after seeing two women exiting a lingerie store in Toronto, Ontario.

He wrote, “I’m just a reporter: saw two modestly-dressed women with religious headgear come out of Victoria’s Secret store in the Eaton Centre.” Perhaps predictably, he has been taken to task in blistering fashion.

And so the parodying begins


He will be beside himself

And it wasn’t long before others started chiming in


Most, though, were just confused as to what point the reporter was trying to make

Others pointed out the many flaws in his “observation”

Just to clarify

Breaking news…

And finally, my personal favourite

It seems that this reporter was well wide of the mark with his misinformed tweet, but you can always count on Twitter to point out your mistakes. After all, who could forget the extraordinary furore that Donald Trump caused with this misspelled tweet?

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