Guy Live Tweets The Horror Of Roommate Murdering Someone In Their Apartment

What’s the most intimate thing you’ve ever shared on social media? Whatever sordid thought has just popped into your head, I’m willing to bet it’s going to be nowhere near as bad as the following story.

A Twitter user from Gainesville, Florida, live-tweeted the shock and horror of coming home to discover his roommate was a murderer and his house had been transformed into the site of a murder investigation.

Chaserojo’s roommate, 24-year-old Katherine Jean Tonner, is currently being held in the Alachua County Jail over the death of her ex-boyfriend, Jose Ricardo Ortiz III.

You can imagine the shock Chaserojo felt when he came home to the dawning realisation that his home was the location of the murder. In order to process the shocking truth, he did what any sane millennial would do and live-tweeted the entire thing.

In order to prove he wasn’t completley making it up, Chaserojo decided to tweet out the following helpful mugshot of his housemate. Not looking quite so improbable now, is it?

After the initial tweet, more and more details started to emerge about the alleged murderer. Details that Chaserojo really should have been paying attention to…

Along with the full-on murder scene, Chaserojo also noticed two serious-looking bullet holes in his wall and ceiling. Creepy.

As you’d expect, the people of Twitter were a little suspicious about the whole thing at first, before winning the award for the most shook group of online commenters of all time.

So what do we know about Katherine Tonner, the alleged murderer? Well, way back in 2006, Tonner had filed a complaint against Ortiz, alleging he had stolen several items from her and pawned them.

GPD spokesman Officer Ben Tobias told the Gainesville Sun: “It still under investigation. There’s nothing new and I don’t expect anything anytime soon with it.”

Is theft enough of a motive for murder? Not on its own, but it could be indicative of the wider picture of the pair’s relationship. Either way, I bet Chaserojo is really wishing the whole thing didn’t take place in his apartment.

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