Guy Is Ditched Mid-Date And Then Receives A Savage Text Explaining Why

We’ve all been on some bad dates. Once, I went on a second date with a girl I wasn’t that keen on, only for her to drag me around a portrait gallery without warning, giving me a exhaustive lecture on why Pablo Picasso was the greatest painter of all time. Not wanting to cause offence, I endured hours of being led around like a dog, then had to endure a two-hour dinner afterwards. It’s safe to say there wasn’t a third date.

Romance and dating are not easy at the best of times, and of course there are horror stories just waiting to be shared with the world. Men often get labelled as shallow, but the story we have for you shows that women are just as flawed in that department as men.


One unfortunate guy decided to take a young lady to watch the new Star Wars movie (which was probably an error of judgement on his part), but was left red-faced when she ditched him halfway through the film. While he was waiting for her to return, he received a text message so savage that it will make your hair stand on end. Flick over to the next page to see the outrageous breakup that has romance fans wondering why they bother.

When you take a girl to the cinema, you don’t expect to get ditched halfway through the film – but that’s exactly what happened to one poor guy.

Being rejected by text is bad, but being rejected by text for being ugly is really bad. Thankfully, the guy actually took it quite well, taking to Twitter to express his frustration at being overlooked.


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While I’m not sure that his last tweet is the lesson worth learning, I can understand why he felt a little deflated. Putting yourself out there in the dating pool is hard work, so to get rejected for your looks is a bitter pill to swallow. Fingers crossed our man can shake off his latest dating disaster and dive back in – because surely there are some female Star Wars fans out there who would fancy a date with him?

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