Guy Gets His Penis Stuck in a Wrench for 17 Hours, Calls Fire Brigade for Help

Guys and their penises, eh? Although I am not in possession of one myself, I know that guys seem to be rather attached to their little friend. But however carefully you’d hope men would guard their most precious sexual organ, you do hear stories of penises ending up in situations which don’t exactly sound comfortable nor painless.

If you get squeamish hearing about dicks in distress, now’s your chance to turn away because I am going to tell the whole story about a man who got his penis stuck in a tiny wrench for a whopping 17 hours.

So let’s go step by step through what exactly happened because I for one am flabbergasted.

If you think that getting your penis trapped in a wrench is just about the most embarrassing thing ever, you’re wrong. The worst thing about your nether regions being at the mercy of a wrench is needing the help of many different groups of people to help set it free.

The 37-year-old Zhejiang man first tried consulting doctors about his little problem and after they couldn’t help he desperately called the fire brigade. But despite their stand-up effort, as demonstrated by the fact that they brought an angle-grinder, the operation was decided to be too dangerous as the device generates quite a significant amount of heat. Ouch.

The Zhejiang local then had to travel to a hospital in Linhai City, China. He arrived at roughly 9:30pm on 2nd June, nearly a full day after his genitals had originally become trapped.

It’s reported that his penis was in a bit of a fragile state at this point, it was swollen and had assumed a healthy shade of purple.

The hospital immediately convened a meeting in which they discussed how they could possibly fix the cock-up.

The doctors rose to the occasion by hatching a plan wherein they would operate on the afflicted area to reduce the blood flow. This would allow the wrench to slide off.

But in an unexpected twist it was reported that doctors required the permission of the fully-grown man’s parents to sign off on the procedure. Despite promising that they would come and sign the consent forms, the man’s parents didn’t make an appearance.

Luckily, help was at hand for the dispirited man, as one of the doctors had studied a similar case before. He had the idea to call in a group of dentists.

Dentists Zhou Gi and Shi Gengsheng arrived with a dental drill in tow which could rotate 200,000 to 300,000 times a minute. But unlike the angle-grinder, Shanghaiist notes, the dental drill had the all-important ability of not being able to burn the man’s penis as it had a water cooling function.

They conducted a quick 30-minute procedure which finally freed the poor man’s penis. Luckily, he didn’t suffer any further injuries.

What exactly the man was doing with a wrench so close to his penis remains unclear.

Personally, I just hope he gave those dentists a big tip.

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