Guy Films Kid Running Home Every Day After School And It’s Comedy Gold

Everyone likes to get nostalgic about their childhood and adolescence, but you forget about how boring most of it was. Remember those long, interminable stretches between lunch and the last bell on a Friday? Time spent in the classroom seemed to drag on and on without end, and when the gates opened a throng of kids would rush right out and make a desperate bid for freedom.  All you could think of was getting home and enjoying a bit of personal time.

Still, I’m not sure if I was ever enthusiastic enough to sprint all the way back. I caught the train to school, and the station was about fifteen minutes away – twenty for a small kid – so there was no point in me rushing home and wasting energy. Turns out, I might have been in the minority though.


It turns out that there’s one kid out there who just can’t wait to get home after school. In fact, he’s so pumped to get back and chillax that he’s willing to race back home like an Olympic sprinter. The best part? He does it every single day. The second this kid is off the bus, he’s running full-pelt all the way home.

Unfortunately, a fellow commuter had the bright idea of filming this kid’s daily run, if only so he could prove for sure how committed this kid was to his daily sprint. Could this boy one day become the new Usain Bolt? I somehow doubt it. Head over to page two as soon as to check out the hilarious compilation. 

A hilarious viral video has emerged showing a kid just off the school bus sprinting home every day. Now here’s the thing; if the kid just ran home once or twice it wouldn’t be so weird, but it’s the fact that he does it constantly that raises your eyebrows. What is he running back to? Does he live in a palace? Did he leave the oven on at the beginning of the day? Or is this just a weird exercise regime? We’ll probably never know.

At one point the kid stops running and just walks at a leisurely pace, and our cameraman seems pretty worried about him. Maybe he had a leg injury? Torn ligament or something? Maybe that other kid in the black and red gingham shirt can tell us?

Eventually he seems to have abandoned the weird routine in favour of just plodding home like the rest of us. Maybe he got self-conscious when he realised that he was being observed. Can’t say I blame him. It’s a shame. I think he had some real athletic potential, if he just worked on the form of his stride a little bit.

There’s always the possibility that this kid just wanted to put as much distance between himself and the school bus as possible. Can’t say I blame him: school buses are smelly, cramped and filled with spitballs. Which is a shame, because if converted properly they can be turned into a beautiful mobile home.

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