Grease Cast Reveal Risqué Behind-The-Scenes Gossip From Their Time On Set

It would be no exaggeration to say that Grease has been one of the most consistently beloved movies of all time.

From its catchy tunes to its iconic characters, the movie musical will definitely go down in film history as one of the greats.

Check out this fun, little Christmas reunion the stars of the movie did a while back:

It’s been 40 years since the musical hit the theaters and over the years, the cast has been more than willing to talk about all the naughty times they shared together on set.

Now it may or may not surprise you to find out that the actors on Grease weren’t as innocent as you might expect for a family-friendly musical centered on a bunch of high school students.

The cast has opened up about some of the more mischievous antics they used to get up to behind the scenes of one of the biggest movie musicals of all time.

From “spiked brownies” to “rocking trailers”, the young cast sure had a fun time hanging out between the scenes.

As it turns out, the late Jeff Conaway who played Kenickie and tragically died in 2011 at the age of 60, was something of a ladies man on set.

And, according to reports, he had a huge crush on the star of the 1978 movie, Olivia Newton-John.

But while Conaway mostly kept his attention on Newton-John, Barry Pearl, who played T-bird Doody, said the Kenickie actor also made plenty of time for “seducing the extras”.

“We used to joke all the time because his trailer at lunchtime was really rocking,” he recalled. “He made out like a bandit.”

Of course, Conaway wasn’t the only one to make an impression on the ladies. In fact, Dinah Manoff, who played Pink Lady Marty, spoke about how John Travolta, who starred in the co-leading role as Danny Zuko, attracted admirers within the cast.

“You couldn’t fail to have the biggest crush in the whole world on him,” she said. “He was radiating so much talent and energy. I just started stuttering around him,’ she said ahead of the anniversary. Think about that moment he turns around in the film for the first time: you see that face and everybody just gasps. That’s how it was. Really jaw-dropping.”

Didi Conn, who played Frenchie AKA the beauty school drop out, recalled an instance of recreational drug use at the wrap party.

“I don’t even remember the wrap party because somebody made some brownies. There was something in it! I won’t mention names… I just remember laughing a lot!” she said.

There were also claims that Newton-John, who was 28 at the time of filming, and Travolta, who was 23, had to pass “crow’s feet tests” to ensure they appeared young enough to play teenagers.

So essentially, if either of the two had visible facial lines or wrinkles around their eyes, they wouldn’t have been eligible for their respective roles.

Didi also spoke about how much the cast struggled in the heat to the extent that they were moments away from passing out. This was due to the fact that all of the windows were kept closed during filming as the building which was supposed to be “Rydell High” was actually right next to a pork plant.

“It was so smelly, noisy and so very, very hot but everybody was just having fun, dancing and trying new things — you had to or you’d faint from the heat,” Didi said.

So there you have it: the cast got up to all sorts of mischief way back when, and we can only imagine what a blast it must have been!

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