Gordon Ramsay Has Finally Said Something Positive About A Food Picture Sent For Review On Twitter

In case you are somehow unaware of Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter exploits, allow me to give you a brief recap.

I doubt very much that Gordon Ramsay was ever the shy and retiring type. The wildly successful celebrity chef has earned his millions – not to mention his fame and notoriety – by becoming the veritable antithesis of those traits; brash, loud, rude and above all gloriously unapologetic. There is something rather therapeutic about settling down to watch one of Ramsay’s bonkers television shows during which he unleashes his trademark savage attacks on the hapless participants.

Ramsay though, never one to sit still in time, has been developing his theme of culinary savagery farther still than the long reach of cable television. Recently the impresario chef has turned to Twitter to rate his followers’ ostensibly comestible efforts in the kitchen, and the results have been wondrous to behold.

The chef’s voracious appetite for savagery has been particularly marked over the last few days, as Ramsay has come up with such gems as this

And this piece of wonderful venom

Not forgetting old favourites like this one

And my personal favourite

You get the idea, it is, to all intents and purposes, an unattainable goal to get anything remotely resembling a compliment from the stoic chef. Admittedly some of the monstrosities that his followers tweet to him are fully deserving of Ramsay’s ire, although some relatively decent looking efforts have also felt the cruel lash of his whip.

Stop the presses, though, because it seems that, finally, against all odds, one Twitter user might have finally achieved what was presumed unimaginable.

There’s definitely some sort of ancient proverb that says in poetic terms that attaining praise from someone who doesn’t normally give it out is far more rewarding than someone who gives it out freely and unthinkingly.

I think it is fair to say that Gordon Ramsay falls firmly into the former category; in my years of watching his television shows and my recent months of scouring his Twitter page for a positive word on his followers’ culinary efforts, it has been entirely rare that any has been forthcoming.

Particularly on Twitter, until now any faint sort of praise has been unprecedented. Until now. Check it out.

Bridget tweeted Ramsay a photograph of her fiance’s handiwork…

And the unthinkable happened…

The tweet has since been liked nearly 500,000 times as fans watch on in complete awe and shock. To claim that Ramsay is a tough man to please would be a vast understatement, but this user seems to have attained a genuine, bonafide compliment.

The rest of Ramsay’s army of followers had better up their game quick, smart and in a hurry, because it appears that the impervious chef has already returned to his previously disdainful Twitter food reviews, serving up some classic insults early this morning on the social networking site.

To get Ramsay’s seal of approval, your meal will have to be as close to perfection as is humanly possible; personally I won’t be sending anything in for inspection for some time yet.

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