Gordon Ramsay Got Served a Steak on a Roof Tile and He Was Not Happy 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is at it again with his unrelenting (and highly amusing) restaurant reviews. On his show Kitchen Nightmares, Ramsay is going about his usual business, arriving at struggling restaurants and issuing the necessary changes to put them back on the map, when he comes across a dish presentation that renders him confused and nearly silent (note: nearly). At Flamango’s in New Jersey, Ramsay makes his way through the overly spicy Ahi Tuna appetizer and nearly inedible Tiki Platter to make it to the Filet Mignon. Ah, a “chef’s dream” he calls it, looking forward to indulging in a tender, classic cut of meat.

But when restaurant owner Bill waltzes in with a half-cooked piece of meat sitting on an unidentified tray-like object, Ramsay’s wistful daydreams of the perfect filet mignon are interrupted. The celebrity chef is now focusing his energy on trying to understand exactly what he’s looking at. “Something simple, something classic, uh … something that’s not normally served on a tray.”

Bill, so painfully unaware of the judgement that is about to befall him, then happily explains that the half-cooked filet mignon (which he has dubbed the “Flaming Tsunami”) is placed onto a roof tile to finish cooking in front of the patron. The patron in this case, of course, being a three star Michelin chef.

“We’re eating it from the tile?” asks Ramsay, with a tone of “God-I-really-hope-we-aren’t” coming through to the audience, but apparently not to Bill, who responds with a glowing “yes”. As the slab of meat sits comfortably in the dip of the roof tile, Bill pours a hot butter and garlic mixture over it to complete the cooking process. The roof tile is, for some reason, placed on a slight angle, so the butter mixture then begins to drip down the side, not unlike the way muddy rainwater would dribble out of a drain.

“And so the tsunami is the garlic butter going down the drain pipe?” asks Ramsay. It is at this moment that you know Bill is finally becoming aware of where this review is going, although it cannot be confirmed, as he still appears to be happy as a clam.

So the Flaming Tsunami’s presentation is strange and reminiscent of a gutter, but maybe the flavor is amazing? The texture impeccable? Our hopes and prayers don’t make their way to Bill soon enough, and Ramsay swiftly deems the meat “the toughest and most chewiest filet mignon I’ve ever tasted in my entire life”. While the scene is almost too difficult to watch, in reality the only true loser in this scenario was poor Bill.

I mean, at least we got to watch a world renowned chef eat off of a tile that looks as though it was just plucked from the roof of a bungalow. You know, the kind that’s open to the elements and the free will of birds flying overhead. Luckily, we can indulge ourselves in the entertainment of Ramsay’s indelicate reactions from the safe distance of our homes.

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