Gordon Ramsay Dishes Up His Most Savage Twitter Response Yet

I doubt very much that Gordon Ramsay has ever been shy about professing his opinion on anything. The celebrity chef, renowned for his vicious put-downs and imaginative insults directed toward staff and television show participants alike, has made a career in entertainment centred around those aspects of his personality - so it should come as  no surprise that his Twitter account very much reflects the brash, blunt and altogether brilliant fury of the man.

Recently internet users have started tweeting their awful dinner photographs to the celebrity chef, seeking his approval. They inevitably get torn to shreds in utterly brutal fashion for all to see. There have been some absolute crackers so far:

You could be forgiven for thinking that there was no way Ramsay could better any of those hilarious put-downs. But the guy's a professional swearer. If you presumed that he could go no further, you presumed incorrectly. Ramsay is still rating and roasting his followers' dinners on Twitter, and the last few days have given light to some utter gems of contempt.


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