Girl’s Mom Goes AWOL, Then It Turns Out She Was Hanging Out With Hollywood Royalty

In 2018, we live in a society obsessed with the "celebrity". Whether you're a basketball fanatic who'd be willing to slamdunk your own grandmother in order to be just like Shaquille O'Neal, or an obsessive social-media stalker whose sole focus is to keep up with the Kardashians - every person out there has a famous face they'd love to meet.

It's kind of weird when you really think about it; they're people just like the rest of us, but just because their job involves them being on the television, we idolize them. They may be incredibly talented - but we don't follow

I mean, 500 years ago, people were famous for creating unfathomable mind-boggling pieces of art, or inventing revolutionary devices that reshaped humanity, or enlightening the masses with eye-opening philosophies or scientific theories - not for leaking private tapes and appearing on reality shows. But hey ho - it is what it is and we are what we are.

Although, as this video proves, meeting celebrities doesn't always go as smoothly as some fans hope:

In fact, we are so fascinated with celebrities, that seeing one in public becomes an "event" in our lives. We sit around dinner tables and talk about "who's the most famous person you've ever met?", and if you're lucky enough to get a selfie or an autograph with the celeb, it'll definitely be uploaded to every single one of your social media feeds.

What's more, the idea of meeting a celebrity is deemed a "cool" thing. It's pretty cool to say, just bump into one of Hollywood's biggest names and take a selfie with them. It's so cool, in fact, that we would like it to be something that happens to ourselves, personally - not our uncool and past-their-prime parents.

Well, unfortunately for one 22-year-old from Alberta, Canada, she'll always be known as "the boring one" in her family, after her own mother sent her snaps standing side-by-side with a bona fide Oscar-winning actor.

Alexa has always described her relationship with her mother as "close" - so close in fact that she calls her mom every single day as she's driving home from work - just so she can have a chat and see how her mom's day is going. But one day, her mom did not pick up her phone. Mom had gone AWOL.

As Alexa started to grow concerned about her mom's whereabouts, she decided to text her mother asking where she was and if she was okay.

Fortunately, Alexa's mom, Michelle, text back saying she was perfectly fine and just out of the house doing some shopping in Kelowna, mailing a parcel to Alexa, and grabbing an ice cream.

Then Michelle hit Alexa with an absolute bombshell - she's casually bumped into Nicolas Cage, and even had a selfie to prove it.

In an exclusive interview with UNILAD, Alexa revealed what it was like when she realized her mom was casually hanging out with Hollywood royalty:

"Holy sh*t I was floored. It’s hilarious and random, but so cool. I was really just shocked and so excited for her.

I called her immediately and she was just walking home. She told me that she welcomed him to Kelowna and chatted for a minute before asking if he had time to take a selfie together.

If you had asked me this morning what two people I would get a photo of together, I would never in a million years have guessed my mom and Nic Cage.

Then I sent it to all of my friends, who promptly also freaked out."

I'd have also freaked out (it's Nicolas frickin' Cage!!), but I'd have also been livid that I hadn't met him myself!

I mean, with movies like Con Air, National Treasure, Face/Off, Knowing, Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation and The Rock under his belt, it's safe to say people LOVE Nic Cage, and meeting him would be a highlight of anyone's life.

Knowing this, Alexa insisted her mother share the pics on social media (even though Michelle wasn't too bothered about it), and it wasn't long before she shared her mother's story on Reddit.

Unsurprisingly, the post was well received, and as of this writing, has amassed a whopping 13.4k up-votes. Here are some of our favorite replies:

Once again speaking to UNILAD, Alexa revealed how she feels about the overwhelming response her mother has had:

"I think that it’s hilarious, and so, so cool. I made a joke to her last night about how we had a couple hundred upvotes (after explaining what that meant) and how it would go viral but didn’t actually think it would happen.

When I woke up this morning and saw, I was pretty floored! My mom thinks it’s hilarious too, and says that she ‘had so much fun taking the photo, and just hopes other people can have fun with it as well’.

She’s just glad it’s making people laugh or smile. Sweetest lady ever!"

Being fair, Michelle seems so cool, I bet Nic Cage can't believe he got to take a selfie with Alexa's mom!

Image Credits: Unilad

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