Girl Who Shaved Her Legs Is Fuming When Date Doesn’t Put Out

If you are a girl reading this then you'll know full well how much of a ball ache it is to shave your legs. Obviously I use the term "ball ache" metaphorically - clearly we don't have testicles but "tit ache" doesn't really have the emphasis I'm after. Basically boys, it's a real effort.

Sorry, I'm getting sidetracked. Let's get back to the matter at hand. Shaving is a right pain to keep on top of sometimes. I love summer but at least in the winter you don't have to repeatedly get the razor out because you can hide your bushy twigs beneath a pair of leggings - just as long as the material is thick enough so that the hairs don't pierce through.



The majority of the female population will only shave or wax when it is 100% necessary - like if you're going to the beach or getting laid. In terms of the latter, ensuring your legs (and your lady garden) are as smooth as a baby's bottom is simply common courtesy. But what happens when you go to the effort of ridding yourself of your bodily hair because you think you're getting lucky, and then you're turned down? OH THE HORROR!

Well this is exactly what happened to one particular female. However, instead of reacting like a normal human being, she went next-level crazy at the guy who didn't "put out". If this happened to me, I imagine I would get a little frustrated. But geez this chick goes certified looney...


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