Girl Roasted To A Crisp Online After Posting Selfie With Disgusting Room In Background

Mirror selfies are sadly still a thing. If the Jenners is still doing it, then you can bet the selfie-obsessed world is following suit. Articles detailing exactly how to take the perfect mirror selfie are popping up all over the place, turning getting ready to go out into a four hour photoshoot.

One person who knows the lure of the mirror selfie more than most is Twitter celebrity Alyssa. In the two weeks since posting the following mirror selfie, Alyssa’s tweet has earned overĀ 4,000 retweets and 9,000 likes.

Just in case you were wondering, Alyssa’s sudden internet fame isn’t the result of looking great in a sparkly dress – you should probably know by now that the internet aren’t that nice. No, Alyssa’s five minutes of fame came when thousands of people suddenly realised quite how dirty the floor in the background of Alyssa’s photo was.

In fact, upon closer inspection, the photo revealed more than you’d expect about Alyssa’s life. Curious to see what the internet managed to dig up? Head over to the next page, where all will be revealed.

So what exactly was it that got the people of Twitter into nagging mum mode? First up, commenters were quick to question why someone would need a waffle maker on what I’m assuming is Alyssa’s bedside table. Does someone struggle to eat breakfast in the morning?

One commenter was shocked to discover what looked like a massive rat lurking in the background of the photo, and called on the help of the pointy hand emoji to make it clear for the entire internet to see.

Others were keen to discuss Alyssa’s brave style choice of nude heels paired with a black sparky dress. Twitter user LC wrote: “What’s worse than the room is them shoes with that dress.”

Instead, they helpfully suggested some other options from the various shoes they spotted lying around the room. Black heels, anyone?

Others were worried about Alyssa catching a chill in the winter weather, and wondered if Ugg boots would be a little more appropriate.

Thankfully, Twitter user BK was on hand with a little Photoshop wizardry to make everything okay again. Peace and calm, restored.

Ouch. That little lot contained more burns than an episode of The Simpsons. But don’t worry Alyssa, you shouldn’t listen to the haters, because it turns out that messy people are way more likely to be intelligent.

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