Girl Plays Savage Pepper Spray Prank On Her Boyfriend

While I’ve never had the “privilege” myself, I can say with a degree of certainty that I’d like to avoid being pepper sprayed, if possible. Generally used for self-defence or riot control, this lachrymatory agent is most effective when aimed at eye level, causing temporary blindness and a great deal of agony for whoever is foolish enough to attack the wielder. My mantra for pepper spray is my mantra for most of life; if it’s also used on dogs and/or bears, it’s probably not going to be very fun for me, and this prank video seems to lend credence to that theory.

On YouTube, the practical joker Ryan Hamilton has nearly 300,000 subscribers on his channel HammyTV, and a great deal of his videos depict him terrorising his girlfriend Jen. Rather than living in fear, Jen decided to get her own back – and she enlisted the help of pepper spray for a truly savage joke on her prankster boyfriend.

Over the years, Ryan Hamilton’s relationship with his girlfriend has been peppered with practical jokes. If you’re a follower of HammyTV, you might remember when Ryan took Jen on a trip to the shops with vibrating underwear, or the time that he literally spiced up their relationship by placing extracts from the world’s hottest pepper in her underwear.

After that savage pepper prank, Jen decided she’d had enough, and plotted revenge on her boyfriend. After being burned in more ways than one, Jen got her own back, and in keeping with the theme of the previous prank, she decided to incorporate peppers into her vengeance. The results, as you might imagine, are pretty spicy.

If you asked me where I would least enjoy having corrosive chemicals on my body, the eyes would be pretty high up the list; in fact, the ocular region would be second only to my downstairs area. As Ryan turned on his shower, naked as the day he was born, there was only really one outcome in this ongoing prank war; he was about to get pepper sprayed in the junk.

Accompanied by a great deal of screaming (the highlight of which is when Ryan screams lamenting his “helmet”), this video has garnered 4.7 million views on Facebook, with many HammyTV fans weighing in on this savage prank from Jen.

On the other hand, some commentators weren’t happy with this ongoing prank competition between Ryan and his girlfriend. Is this just some good-natured fun between two people in love, or is this escalating exchange of practical jokes damaging to their relationship as well as their genitals?

In a relationship, it’s good for boyfriends or girlfriends to have fun, and sometimes, that fun can be had at the other’s expense. Some may call this abusive behaviour, but I think that as long as both parties are able to laugh about it afterwards, I would be perfectly happy to exchange pranks with my significant other. That is, unless those pranks involved me getting pepper sprayed in the nuts.

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