Girl Gives Guy Wrong Number, Gets Trolled Beyond Belief

Single men of the world, I have an announcement to make. There’s a dark force invading the bars and clubs of our fair land, giving out a phone number and unleashing a torrent of tortuous texts when the unwitting victim gets in touch.

It turns out that a woman known only as Brandy has been giving out a fake number to guys that she meets when she’s out drinking. While you’d like to hope the number was simply a dud that led nowhere, it actually belongs to an unknown man who’s been busy trolling the men who continue to text him.


In fact, the man at the other end of the line is so good at trolling Brandy’s victims that you’d think they were working together as the world’s best gruesome texting twosome. If you’re gagging to see more of the men they’ve managed to snare, simply head on over to the next page.

The following messages are the perfect example of why you should never take a random stranger’s number in a club. Just add them on Facebook, obviously.









Now, I think we can all agree that those messages were a prime example of some expert level trolling. However, it was nowhere near as good as the time when a pregnant woman texted her baby daddy’s girlfriend to let her know he’d been cheating on her (only to discover she’d been texting the wrong number). Genius.

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