Girl Can’t Handle The Truth After Stalking Her Boyfriend On Tracking App

In just a few short decades, technology has completely transformed the way in which the human species live their lives.

In some ways, that’s for the best. Could you imagine a world where cars didn’t exist? Or, a planet without mobile phones, computers, airplanes, instant coffee machines, digital cameras, and essentially every gadget that you use on a daily basis?

However, in other ways it can have a very detrimental effect. Just think how productive you could be if social media didn’t exist.

One person who knows only too well the perils of technology is Stan Stockton-Price, who made the mistake of giving his girlfriend full access to his location at all times when he downloaded a tracking app.

Of course, this isn’t a huge problem if you have nothing to hide. I, myself, have both my mother and my sister on a tracking app so that they can see where I am at all times. As someone who leads a very innocent life, I have absolutely no concerns about this arrangement.

But, for Stan, this wouldn’t be the case.

But, Stan isn’t the only one who has made mistakes. Watch as this wife tracks down her cheating husband and his mistress at the airport. Things turn pretty ugly… 

Stan, from Grimsby, a seaside town in the North of England, had been dating Milli Hanson for two years after the pair met at a friend’s party.

Their relationship had quickly flourished, so much so that Stan thought it sensible to let Milli track him at all times. As an offshore worker, he wanted Milli to be able to locate him whilst he was out at sea.

Romantic, right?

Well, this is where things take a nasty turn.

One weekend, Milli agreed to babysit 24-year-old Stan’s younger sister so that Stan and his mother could attend a family party.

However, Stan would never turn up to the family get-together.

Panicked, Stan’s mother contacted Milli to ask if she’d knew where he was because he was yet to arrive at the party.

Concerned, Milli checked the GPS tracking app on her phone to pinpoint Stan’s location. Luckily for Milli, Stan had forgotten to turn the tracker off after returning from work – a mistake he must now seriously regret.

Milli was bemused to see that Stan was at his aunt’s house. Expecting a perfectly reasonable explanation, she followed the app the short distance to the house. But when she arrived, she saw something that made her turn cold.

Through the window, she could see Stan’s clothes strewn across the living room floor. Then, she saw Stan sat on the sofa with his topless cousin, Jess, on top of him.

“Their faces were a picture when I showed up at the door but I felt sick,” Milli told The Sunday Mirror.

“I’ll never trust a man again after what he did. I was so shocked – no one ever expects to see that,” she added.

Unable to handle what she’d seen, Milli stormed off from the scene and hasn’t contacted Stan since.

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror, Stan himself tried to explain his actions:  “Of course I feel bad, but I can’t change what’s gone on. One thing led to another and things just escalated.”

His cousin, Jess added: “Natural feeling came over both Stanley and I and we simply acted upon them.”


It’s certainly a reminder to always be careful with how you use technology. But then again, there are very few people in this world who would entertain the idea of kissing their cousin, so maybe there is no moral to this story after all.

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