Female Gamer Forgets To Turn Off Live Stream Before Fapping And Nerds Are Loving It

When I was growing up, the only way the worlds of sex and gaming overlapped is when everybody was trying to do that cheat where Lara Croft took off all her clothes in Tomb Raider II. But now the world of video gaming isn’t just confined to computer geeks who are frightened of sunlight. Now, gaming can be cool and sexy.

Yes, it seems that people are so bored of superhero movies and reality TV shows that now people will watch anything: people unboxing things, people watching TV and now people video gaming.

Streaming services dedicated to watching gamers have increased in popularity, and are readily available on a number of devices. In fact, it’s hard to believe that Twitch (arguably the biggest streaming service dedicated to video game lovers), actually attract more than 45 million gamers every month on broadcast, watch and chat about gaming.

I personally struggle to see the fun in watching other people sit at their computer desks and just game – but I could definitely get on board if more stories like this hit the internet.

Meet Nova Patra, a female gamer from Vancouver, British Columbia who uses Twitch to showcase her sick skills on games like Hearthstone. However, many people now know Nova Patra as the woman who put down her joystick and started playing with something very, very different (but probably more fun).

After streaming what I can only imagine was a very boring game of Hearthstone, Patra said goodbye to her viewers and signed off… Or so she thought.

After thinking she had turned off her webcam, Petra can be seen typing an adult website into her computer, and proceeds to start buffin’ the muffin. If you catch my drift. The following video is safe for work, but the uncut version out there features a lot more moaning, and a lot more flesh.

Much more satisfying than watching your Sim get undressed and getting into the shower, am I right lads?

However, there’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not this was a genuine mistake, or that the young lady in question was deliberately left her stream running in order to boost her own popularity. Let’s face it, it would a lot easier to break into the “other industry” if you’d already amassed a fanbase of nerds who’ll constantly be searching your name.

The full video was quickly uploaded to Reddit, where users’ opinions were very much split. One user wrote, “Yeah she knew what she was doing. Notice the slight sigh and the way she looks up at the screen as she begins to type.” But many people refuse to have their fantasy broken, as one user proclaims, “This is totally real and not staged, guys.”

So, do you think it’s real or fake? I can’t help believe this was probably all a set up. Most people who enjoy a five-knuckle shuffle will go to great lengths to guarantee their privacy and make sure they definitely won’t get caught. And just look at her “O-face”! Who actually goes crosseyed when they climax??

However, if it is genuine, it’s probably one of the most embarrassing mistakes the internet has ever seen, and I’m sure there are thousands of gamers who are thankful for it.

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