Game Of Thrones Star Reveals Very Interesting Spoiler About Season Eight

The cast and crew of Game of Thrones are currently filming their last season, and with the news that it won’t air until 2019, fans are chomping at the bit for any information about what this final season might hold for their favorite characters.

In the first few years of the show, all fans had to do to discover spoilers was to go down to their local bookstore and start reading George R.R. Martin’s famous series. However, now that the television version has departed from the books, anything could happen.

Various cast members have been dropping hints or revealing small spoilers about the next season. Sophie Turner has previously revealed that the table read of the finale was quite emotional and that her character faces “a new threat” that is more passionate than political.

Now another star has offered some interesting information. John Bradley, otherwise known as Samwell Tarly, recently sat down with TV Guide to discuss all things Game of Thrones and offer a very interesting spoiler about season eight.

Bradley let slip a bit of information not about what will happen, but where season eight’s action might be taking place. He explains that just when an actor thinks they’ve got a handle on their character, a new circumstance can throw them for a loop.

Here’s what he said:

“You can predict how your character will react in any given circumstance, but when you place these characters in a new environment, it’s always putting them under a microscope, and you constantly have to reexamine your character,” Bradley said.

“Each of the characters this year is placed in a completely alien environment at some point in the season that they’ve never been placed in before. The thrill is seeing how they react to it and how they respond. This season, I think, more than any other is stretching these characters.”

Did you catch that bit about a “completely alien environment”? It sounds very interesting but what does it mean? It’s still a long wait until season eight to know for sure, but it hasn’t stopped fans from making speculations.

Rumors are flying around the internet including everything from Jaime going to Winterfell, to Sansa and Arya being separated, to new characters having to taste the inevitable threat of war. Of course, there is always the literal interpretation of seeing a new location.

Perhaps we’ll see what’s north of The Wall, or have characters travel to a new location altogether. Regardless of what happens, it’s sure to be spectacular. Bradley guarantees we won’t be disappointed.

“The stakes definitely feel ramped up,” Bradley revealed. “We know that we’ve got a real job to do. This has been a part of people’s lives for so many years. This is our eighth season, and we are kind of feeling the pressure to get it right because we want to satisfy people.

“We want to give people a payoff that they’re going to be happy with. We know how militantly passionate the fans of this show can be — in a good way — and we just kind of want to give them an ending that they deserve.”

The wait may be long, but at least you still have lots of time to plan your premiere viewing party! Check out the video below for three Game of Thrones-themed cocktails. They’ll be perfect for any themed party, or just to help you get through the GoT withdrawal period!

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