Game Of Thrones Actors Given “Self-Destructing” Scripts While Filming Final Season

Game of Thrones is one of the most talked-about television shows in history. Gone are the days when TV paled in comparison to the action and adventure that was saved solely for the big screen. Now, the show has proven that televised series can be just as cinematic and big budget.

With each episode costing millions and the budget for the eighth and final season being bigger than ever before, fans are eagerly counting down the days until they discover how the battle for the Seven Kingdoms will draw to a close and who will win: the living or the dead?

To discover why Rose Leslie doesn't let Kit Harington read GOT scripts in front of her, check out the video below: 

Season seven left fans on tenterhooks last summer, with many threads of the plot finally being tied off in preparation for the Great War. And I don't know about you, but I was certainly glad to see the back of Littlefinger - but not so glad to see the Night King get a dragon!

Because there are no episodes airing this summer, fans have nothing to do but speculate about what will happen next. Will Dany get pregnant despite being told it's impossible? And how many of the show's protagonists will be mercilessly killed off in the final season?!

While us fans might be forced to live out of the loop, it turns out that even the actors themselves aren't as clued up on what's going on in Westeros as you'd think they are. In fact, the show's producers have taken some pretty extreme measures to ensure that there are no story leaks.


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