Furious Mother Posts Damning Evidence That These Makeup Wipes Destroyed Her Daughter’s Skin

Whenever you’re considering purchasing a new product, it’s always best to do a little research into them to make sure that they’re the right buy for you. And that’s especially the case if these products could potentially mean applying dangerous chemicals to your skin and face.

Even for something as supposedly mundane as a makeup removing wipe, if you’ve never tried a particular brand, look into it first so you can make an informed decision.

Learn how to properly and safely remove makeup in the video below:

Otherwise, the results could be disastrous.

Unfortunately, many people neglect to look into online reviews (which realistically, only takes a few minutes at most) and some people will suffer as a result.

Facebook user Jaimie Potts knows all too well how certain products can mess with your skin, and potentially your overall health.

The mom shared a photo of her daughter’s allergic reaction and the skin irritation she experienced as a result of using Neutrogena’s ‘makeup remover cleansing towelettes’.

The concerned mother decided to use her Facebook account in an attempt to warn people about the makeup wipes, after her daughter was left with a large red rash on her face, neck, and chest:

“DO NOT USE these makeup wipes. Alyssa has been using them for months but yesterday opened a brand new pack to use and This Happened!! We went on their website and TONS of reviews of the same reaction! Thought I would share so someone else doesn’t have this happen to them!”

According to other reviews posted on Neutrogena’s website, Jaimie’s daughter isn’t the only one to experience such pitiful results after using one of their products.

Some users of the products have written in to say that they’ve used the wipes for years and that they’ve only just started getting allergic reactions.

It goes without saying that Jaimie’s daughter’s reaction looks incredibly painful, and certainly not something anybody should expect from a cleansing wipe.

Many customers have begun wondering if Neutrogena has made any changes to their ingredients and perhaps added some new ingredients.

On Neutrogena’s official site, user reviews for the product clearly show how many other people have experienced a similar reaction:

One anonymous user wrote:

“I feel sooo dissapointed. I have been using this product for years and used to be my favorite. I just bought a pack last week and started to use it yesterday and i have a horrible rash and its super ichy. I tried to contact costumer service to see how can they help and they did not help at all. This is so sad”

“I have been using these for years because I could find nothing that worked as well or left my skin feeling soft. Over the past month, my eyelids have been burning and peeling after use,” another customer wrote.

“I saw there any reason why these are still on the market? Did you change the formula? I am really concerned with all the reactions I’m seeing here. I thought it was just me but apparently, I’m not alone.”

Another wrote: “Omg did they change the formula? Been using this for years. Picked up a new pack and used it this morning (work night shift) went to bed, woke up looking like I had the measles! My skin feels rough, it hurts, I’m slathered in aloe… god I hope my patients don’t think I’m contagious”

The rest of the views continue in this scathing vein:

Neutrogena have responded with asking many of the users to contact their emergency helpline in an attempt to resolve the issue, but in a full response to one user, the company wrote:

“Thank you for reaching out about this! We’re very sorry to hear about your experience, and we’re here to clear the air about our beloved Makeup Remover Wipes. We’ve heard and seen the passionate conversations that have recently taken place about potential skin/allergic reactions.

Here’s the clean and honest truth – while we’re currently conducting a full investigation, we can confirm that there have been no changes to the formula of the wipes people have contacted us about. You can trust that all of our Neutrogena products are required to meet our rigorous quality and safety standards prior to us sending them to you and to your favorite store – there are absolutely no exceptions.

As we respond to everyone who has contacted us, we’re asking for more information and providing each person with a convenient way to return the wipes. We’d like to speak with you personally to learn more, as it will help us get to the bottom of this and assist you further. Please call us at 1-800-582-4048 Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5:30 PM ET. We look forward to hearing from you!”

It’s great to see the company are taking action to get to the bottom of the cause, but the fact this happened in the first place will leave many customers dodging their products in the future.

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