Furious Bull Takes Down Matador Who Said ‘Animals Do Not Have Rights’ Just Weeks Before

French bullfighter Sebastian Castella, the man who said animals “do not have rights” just a few weeks ago, has been thrown into the air by an angry bull. Castella was performing at the Bullring of La Santamaria in Bogota, Columbia when the incident happened.

The French bullfighter recently caused outrage by telling the media: “Like all animals, bulls do not have duties, therefore they do not have rights.” His comments were incredibly offensive to animal rights campaigners, who have been trying to get the controversial sport banned for many years.

Castella responded to the negative comments by saying: “There are so many double morals in this debate, if there weren’t then no animal activists would eat meat or have a castrated pet.”

You can watch the shocking video in full over on page two, but please be aware that it contains footage some viewers may find distressing.

The footage reveals how the bull clips Castella’s leg, causing him to fall to the ground. The clearly distressed bull then lifts Castella up into the air with its head, revealing the true power and danger these animals represent. Perhaps Castella will have more respect for them after this incident?

Thankfully, Castella escaped with only minor injuries, but other bullfighters haven’t been quite so lucky. In fact, it’s believed a total of 533 bullfighters have been killed in Spain alone since 1700.

The Bullring of La Santamaria reopened this year after mayor Gustavo Petro decided to listen to protesters and close it back in 2012. The reopening resulted in various protests outside the bullring by animal rights activists. Despite Castella’s accident, there are currently no plans to close the ring.

If you’re not quite done gathering evidence to show that bullfighting is completely not OK, then check out what happened earlier this year when yet another sportsman was injured in the ring.

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