Friends Go Mountain Biking In The Forest But What They Encountered There Made Their Hearts Pound

There are many of us that seek enjoyment through extreme sports. The thrill of putting one’s self into dangerous situations is adrenaline-pumping, and so many people can’t get enough of activities like skydiving, mountain climbing and off-road mountain biking.

And just when you thought speeding through the woods on a mountain bike wasn’t dangerous enough, two bikers found out firsthand that mother nature can produce the scariest thrill of all…

Biker Encounters Wild Bear

There are those rare life-changing moments (or life-threatening I should say) where you escape near-fatal situations, and it’s almost like a scene from a gripping drama. Well, this is exactly what two men experienced in a forest in Malino Brdo, Slovakia. It’s fair to say, after what they came across, they probably won’t be going back there anytime soon.

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Often sinister, life-threatening situations happen when you least expect them. When two mountain bikers went for a ride, the most “adventure” they thought they’d get out of it was simply hanging out with a pal in an environment firmly outside of their usual surroundings.

1. Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Going for a stroll in a graveyard or going inside a remote cave to explore would certainly be a recipe for trouble in the movies. However, it appears that in real life, creepy settings can be just as disastrous. This particular story begins in a forest in Malino Brdo in Slovakia, and it started pretty ordinarily.

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Malino Brdo is incredibly scenic with its beautiful snowy mountains which can be seen up high in cable cars or by going skiing!

2. All That Glitters Is Not Gold

As beautiful as it sounds, and it is astoundingly beautiful, there are certain parts of the town that pose a risk to ordinary people. This is why you should never underestimate what might be lurking beneath the surface of an otherwise stunning town.

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The fantastic thing about the forest in Malino Brdo is that it offers an incomparably fantastic cycling terrain for mountain bikers.

3. Why Do People Go To Malino Brdo?

Malino Brdo is a pretty awesome place to live in because it has a ski resort and beautiful, scenic forests. However, if you ever happen to be Malino Brdo, I’d think twice before venturing into a forest simply because it looks beautiful. Unless you’re a total daredevil of course…

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Remember The Revenant? Pretty much the entire movie takes part in an eerie forest. Then there’s the infamous scene where Leonardo DiCaprio almost gets mauled to death by a bear. It’s pretty gruesome…

4. A Suspenseful Story

The scene had us on the edge of our seats and it was probably Hollywood’s most sinister piece of cinema in 2016. However, bear in mind, it’s not just a story for the screen, this kind of attack has happened and is still happening to people in real life.

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As it turns out, forests aren’t just sinister places in the movies.

5. Beware Of The Woods

And it’s not just in the movies that taking a stroll through the woods could subject you to being preyed on or attacked by a ferocious animal. Two men went mountain biking in the forest, and it could have ended their lives.

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The two men were friends who had decided to go mountain biking in the forest. One of them was equipped with a helmet-cam, but he had no idea that he was about to capture anything as alarming as he did.

6. Danger is always around the corner

As dramatic as it sounds, something as seemingly benign as mountain biking in the woods could end up threatening your life if you happen to stumble across something imposing enough to afflict serious damage on you.

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When forests are featured in fairy tales, an unsuspecting character stumbles across something immensely frightening. Yes, life’s no fairy tale, but it’s also no bed of roses.

7. Grizzly Bears

There are bears in certain forests and I don’t mean cute cuddly teddy bears. Some forests are home to vicious grizzly bears that are capable of snapping you like a twig in the matter of seconds.

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A wild animal approaching you in a setting where you have little means of defending yourself can be pretty devastating.

8. An Adventure Ruined?

This is something two Slovakian mountain bikers had to witness firsthand when they encountered a bear in an otherwise scenic forest in Malino Brdo, Slovakia. Unfortunately, they didn’t stand a chance against an animal as physically imposing as a grizzly bear. However, the action that the bear took was surprising to say the least.

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The bear seemingly appears out of nowhere and starts following the cyclist in front.

9. What Does The Bear Do?

While following the man, the bear remains totally carefree, and seems to have a pretty playful demeanor. It is unclear at first whether it has intentions of harming the cyclist. However, it then starts charging after the man… So it seems pretty clear that it wants something from him.

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The mountain biker who wasn’t being pursued by the bear, Dusan Vinzik, captured the terrifying scenes on his helmet-cam.

10. The Footage

It’s really not something for the fainthearted, but the most dramatic of adventures usually aren’t.

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Moments preceding the almost-fatal attack, Vinzik and his friend are casually riding through the woods…

11. The Bear Charges

By this point, the bear seems to be waging a war on Vinzik’s friend in a scene that could have been reminiscent of The Revenant. It’s fair to say Vinzik’s heart must have been pounding when he saw what was happening in front of him.

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It quickly becomes clear to Vinzik that their bike ride could end in tragedy if he doesn’t do anything to help his friend. He yells something in Slovakian presumably to make sure his friend is aware of the impending danger.

12. Vinzik Knows He Has To Do Something

It was a terrifying ordeal for Vinzik, he had just wanted to go on a simple bike ride with his friend, and now he was panicking because he wasn’t sure what would become of his pal.

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He struggled to think of what to do? Should he stay at the scene or should be turn back? If he turned back, he would forever feel guilty for ditching his friend when he really needed him.

13. Vinzik Is At A Loss

The bear continued to charge after the man, and Vinzik continued to shout, he was unsure as to whether his friend could hear what he was saying because he simply continued to cycle further.

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If the cyclist continued to go down the woodland trail, he might encounter even more bears. There’s no such thing as a lone bear in a forest, if you see one, then there will inevitably be a whole pack.

14. Vinzik Stays With His Friend

Fortunately, Vinzik didn’t give up on his friend and stayed on the scene even though it would have been so easy to simply save himself. Even with mountain bikes, it’s unlikely that anyone can outrun a wild animal with the instinct to rip other animals to shreds.

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The bear then stops pursuing the man and runs into a different direction. It’s unclear why the bear ended up running away but luckily it did otherwise Vinznik’s friend would have been done for.

15. A Change Of Heart?

Towards the end of the video, you see the biker refraining from going any further. He turns back, heads into the direction of his friend and revels in his newfound freedom from the bear’s pursuit of him. The resulting video has gone viral after Vinzik posted it to YouTube. It has even accumulated millions upon millions of views! There’s an adventure these two men won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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How would you react in this situation?

The Video

One thing’s for sure – it’s a good job he had a motorbike!

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