Four College Students Successfully Trade Their Nudes For A Puppy

It is no secret that the current financial climate is quite a volatile place, it’s the reason why people are investing so heavily in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cold hard cash just isn’t worth what it once was, and as a result, people are getting creative with their payment methods.

But nobody has taken it to the same extreme as four University of Texas students who traded nude images for a husky puppy…

When presented with the possibility of becoming parents to an adorable husky pup, the four girls – Kat, Courtaney, Maria, and Alyson – all knew that they needed to think outside of the box in order to pay the $300 that the owner was requesting.

Rather than turn to their parents for a loan, or ask for a few more shifts at work as most teens in a similar situation would, the girls opted to send something much more valuable to the puppy’s owner: nudes.

The obscure exchange began when a male friend of Alyson’s began posting pictures of the plump pup on Snapchat asking if anyone would be interested in buying her for $300. Unable to help herself, Alyson reached out to him asking if he’d be prepared to just “give” her the bundle of fluff.

This is what happened when a stranger tried to purchase a man’s puppy for $70,000:

Unsurprisingly, the guy wasn’t prepared to part with the pup for nothing. But when he did finally choose a payment method, it wasn’t quite what Alyson had in mind. Initially, he tried to pretend that it was a friend who’d sent the daring request, but when Alyson agreed this cover story slipped.

But rather than comply, Alyson created an elaborate plan which would see her send no nudes of herself AND get the puppy. Reaching out to her housemates, Alyson discovered that her roomie Maria owned nudes of another girl that they were both mutually acquainted with.

“I texted her beforehand and she was cool about it and said to go for it. She thought it was hilarious. We’re pretty good friends and are comfortable with each other, so she sent them to me before all this to help her choose the best ones for her boyfriend,” Maria explained to New York Magazine.

The snaps were exactly what the puppy-owning man had in mind, for he agreed to release the husky pup to the girls. “He was more impressed than surprised, and he believed it was me since she and I have the same skin tone. I don’t even know if he knows [that they weren’t mine] since he doesn’t have a Twitter,” explains Alyson.

The girls drove three hours to pick up the new addition to their home. ” It was a pretty awkward conversation when we got there; we tried not to stay too long,” says Alyson.

Whilst the puppy will live with all of the girls at college, it has been decided among them that it truly belongs to Alyson. “Technically, it’s Alyson’s dog and she’s bringing him home for summer,” said Courtaney, who went on to explain how they’d chosen his name: “I’m from Alaska and the Iditarod is a really big deal there, so I proposed Balto and we thought it was cute and fitting.”

The amusing story went viral on Twitter after Courtaney shared it with her followers, who helped propel it into the Twitter hall of fame by generating 104,000 likes.

But as with all viral posts, it has divided attention. There are those who support the girls originality and those who were rather disgusted by their behavior. But they don’t care, why would they? They have a puppy!

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