Footage Has Emerged Of A Fake Conor McGregor Fooling Hundreds In New York

He’s the man of the hour, so even a whiff of him will command a crowd. That’s what Islam Badgurov, a professional Conor McGregor look-a-like, demonstrated today in Times Square.

On August 26, McGregor and Floyd Mayweather are going to punch each other, and whoever is better at punching will win. It’s a curious match-up, given that McGregor is a trained MMA fighter, so he’s essentially fighting with both of his legs glued to the floor, instead of snapping upward into Mayweather’s chin.

In a no-rules brawl, McGregor would crush Mayweather. Both fighters know this. But Floyd Mayweather is arguably the greatest boxer of all time, and while he’s a couple years past his prime, he’s nothing to mess with. McGregor’s overwhelming punch strength is his trump card. That, and his trash talk.

But boxing gloves will make his punches weaker, and Mayweather should know all the tricks in the book. The fight may resemble a cracked concrete dam – whoever gets that guard-busting blow first will win. McGregor allegedly cannot take a punch, and he certainly dishes out harder punches than Mayweather. McGregor is a glass cannon, and Mayweather is the cracked dam that has to avoid that shattering blow. At least, this is what I think after listening to Joe Rogan ramble about it for a while.

A Kazakhstani man named Islam Badurgov stepped into Times Square today. It wouldn’t have been a big deal, except he was covered in fake tattoos, and clad with sunglasses and an orange beard, looked exactly like Conor McGregor.

Badurgov has built a career based on being a McGregor look-a-like, and has 268,000 Instagram followers to show for it. Elvis look-a-likes were a big deal, so why not this one? Fans are always looking for photographs and meet and greets, and Badgurov perfectly captures McGregor’s charisma and broad appeal.

Badugrov has imitated McGregor before, in Los Angeles, at Muscle Beach. Fans staring right at his sunglasses still believed he was McGregor, sending him well wishes for the upcoming fight, taking photos, and collecting autographs.

It’s a great prank, and Badgurov even had the NYPD get involved to break up the chaos and commotion of such a big celebrity appearing at Times Square.

Is it ethical? Maybe. Fans can’t tell the difference, so those photos with the fake McGregor, to casual viewers, will think it to be the real one. People also got the thrill of being around their hero, and probably wouldn’t even know anything was amiss, so long as they stayed off the internet.

Millions of people will watch the McGregor fight on August 26, but we should be prepared for it to be a little disappointing. It won’t be an wild as an MMA fight with the strict rules of boxing, and there’s a good chance it could end extremely quickly, as is sometimes the case with these highly-hyped fights.

Whoever wins, the fake McGregor will keep his career alive. If only we could get Vince McMahon, and a fake Trump, and have McGregor take to the ring against The Donald. Sorry, I had to shoehorn him in here, since the subject is fighting and I can’t get over that time Trump fake-fought Vince McMahon and shaved his head.

What’s really funny is how politicized this fight will be. How soon until a McGregor victory is heralded a victory for white people? It happened to the Patriots in the Super Bowl, when Richard Spencer Tweeted out support for Tom Brady. A lot of symbols, a lot of huffing, and little change.

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