Florida Teen Bodyslams 68-Year-Old Grandmother After Asking Him To Turn The Music Down

Respect for the elderly has dwindled greatly in the last few decades. We take for granted that they have lived incredibly challenging lives for the most part, and they've inevitably retained a great deal of wisdom along the way.

It's very easy to dismiss the elderly as being unworthy of respect considering the gap between the old and the young has widened beyond belief, and often beyond reconciliation.

However, it's one thing to disrespect the elderly by not offering them a seat on the subway for instance, and an entirely different ballgame to brutally attack them without any reasonable provocation.

Old people lose much of their stamina as they age, and as their bodies deteriorate, they lose the ability to make a swift, uncomplicated recovery after undergoing physical trauma. It's always terrible when anybody is assaulted, but the elderly and young children should always be exempt from anyone unleashing their fury in a fit of rage.

Doing so would be completely inexcusable in every single circumstance.

Very recently, however, a 68-year-old grandmother by the name of Nancy James was a victim of an unprovoked and disturbing attack at the hands of a 16-year-old teenager named Leon Balfour. James' tormentor was sentenced earlier today for body slamming her and forcing her into a swimming pool with him.

The shocking scenes were captured on video in North Lauderdale, Florida and went viral soon after it was posted it.

As a result of the attack, Nancy had bruises all over her arms and soon afterwards underwent surgeries on her hip and her heart.


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