Fisherman Cuts Open Fish’s Stomach And Its Contents Are A Stark Warning For Humanity

Each and every day, an astonishing 8 million pieces of plastic pollute our oceans. And recently, heartbreaking footage showing a fisherman cutting open a dolphinfish's stomach has revealed the disgusting truth about how humanity is treating the creatures we share this world with.

The fish in question, which is also referred to as a Mahi Mahi, was caught by a fisherman off the coast of Costa Rica. Fishing has been one of the most profitable industries for many people over many generations, however, this particular fisherman had never seen something like this before.

After the fish was brought onto the boat, the fisherman had a feeling that it was unwell so he decided to slit its stomach open to see what the cause of its illness was. But the man was then horrified to see firsthand how extreme levels of pollution have directly affected sea life.

He filmed himself removing numerous plastic materials such as lids, bits of plastic cups, a comb, a lighter and other small pieces of plastic. And the footage is difficult to stomach...


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