15 Extremely Embarrassing Google Street View Pictures That’ll Make You Cringe

There are certainly a few of us out there who love to do a little stalking, or are just plain nosy, and that’s where the wonderful Google Street View comes into play. It’s not purely for directions, you know! As well as trying to peer through your ex-girlfriend’s bedroom window, Street View can provide so much entertainment through the weird and crazy things that have been caught on camera and immortalised on the internet forever.

Hopefully you’re not in any of these pictures, because we’ve compiled the cream of the crop of the most bizarre, questionable, and possibly illegal things Google Street View has ever caught on camera.

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1. Nothing Out Of The Ordinary Here…

Just a shirtless man, going about his day reading the newspaper in public. Nice leg warmers – although, that guy on the right looks horrified.

Next: This truck driver better make sure his wife doesn’t use Google…


2. She’s Just A Friend

I’m sure there’s nothing suspicious going on here. In fact, that lovely lady is probably the truck driver’s wife. But whatever you do, don’t tell his other wife…


3. Indecent Exposure

I don’t quite know what to say about this one. I guess it’s impressive that it looks like she’s managed to keep a cigarette lit in the other hand.


4. Trunk Space

Just a naked guy climbing out of the trunk of a car. If it’s his car; it’s weird. If it’s not his car; it’s even weirder.


5. Culture Club

Just imagine driving through the middle of a desert, only to stumble across four oddly dressed men in horror masks. I’d keep driving, and fast…


6. Friends No More

This is the moment two girls proceeded to laugh at one of their friends after she fell over. I wonder how long this image took to go round her entire school?


7. Shirts Or Skins?

Despite the horrendously bleak clouds on the horizon, this fella still decided to leave his house without a shirt on. I guess he’s desperate for a tan?


8. Full Moon

Who would have expected to see a full moon in the middle of the day? Also mate, you’re parked across two bays.


9. Move Along

Nothing to see here; just three youths being arrested down some backstreet. Remind me to look this up on Google, so I know never to go there.


10. I Ain’t Sayin’ He’s A Gold Digger

Think nobody can see you picking your nose? Everyone with an internet connection can see you picking your nose.



11. Forgotten Something?

Don’t you hate it when you leave the house without any underwear on and bend over just as the Google Maps van drives past? Happens to me all the time.


12. No Shame

This guy has become so attached to his sex doll that he’s started taking her out of the house on romantic dates.


13. When You’ve Gotta Go…

…You’ve gotta go. Hell, if I was that desperate for the toilet, I also wouldn’t care about the Google van driving past.


14. Top Parenting

Seriously, what in the blue hell is going on here? Either this kid really wants sweets, or he’s finally had enough of his dad changing the channel when the Teletubbies are on.


15. Finally…

Squad goals for the future? Me and my crew patrolling the streets on segways.

Did you make the list? Not to worry, you can always try make it next year. Or, you know, you could be thankful it’s not your ass that made it onto the world wide web. People have absolutely no chill in public anymore.

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