Experts Are Saying That Spiders Could Wipe Us Out Within Just One Year

Pretty much everyone on the planet is afraid of spiders. I mean, they’re creepy, stealthy and hairy, plus they have eight sinister-looking legs. They’re as different from human beings as you can get and unless you’re supremely fearless, then you can probably legitimately call yourself an arachnophobe.

What’s more, spiders are everywhere – on average there are about 131 spiders per square meter in every corner of the world.

And in the most extreme of cases, there are certain areas places which contain more than a thousand spiders per square meter providing that the conditions allow for their survival.

And yes psychological experts are always telling us that in order to overcome our deepest fears, we have to confront them head-on.

But I’m sorry to tell you this, but if this shocking new research is anything to go by, we were all right to be terrified of spiders as they potentially have the ability to wipe us out within just a year.

“There are more spiders in the world than humans. If they all ganged up they could crush us,” Kane Christensen, the Head of Spiders at the Australian Reptile Park said.

The Washington Post published an alarming report in which experts maintained that in a year, the weight of food eaten by the world’s entire spider population surpasses the overall weight of every human on the planet which is estimated to be 316.3 million tons.

Christensen felt that the findings, though shocking, were backed up by fact. He noted that in Australia alone, there are so many spiders that they outweigh the total mass of humans in the country.

This disturbing new research was led by Martin Nyffeler of the University of Basel in Switzerland and Klaus Birkhofer of Lund University in Sweden and the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus-Senftenberg in Germany and was published earlier this month in Science of Nature.

Harrowingly, spiders consume between 400 million and 800 million tons of meat and fish every year.

Humans only consume approximately 400 million tons of meat and fish every year meaning spiders have one-upped us on that front.

But is it possible that they would feast on our flesh and collectively try to bring us all down?

Bizarrely, John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats, a North Carolina-based indie rock band, has set up a petition asking Senator Al Franken to “give spiders all the help they need to eat every human on Earth within one year”.

“It’s reported today by the Washington Post that spiders could eat every human on earth within one year. While we, the undersigned, are certain the spiders are doing the best they can, it’s clear that they could use some help.

We call on the United States government to utilize whatever resources it deems necessary and effective to help the spiders in their noble cause. We’re sending our petition to Sen. Al Franken because he’s one of the few people in Washington who we sort of half-trust to not initiate surveillance on us or flag our tax returns for signing such a petition.”

We can only assume that Darnielle is an extreme misanthropist!

But unfortunately for him, Christensen did say that it was very unlikely that spiders would start to prey on humans as doing so is not in their “biological nature”.

But do you know what definitely is in the biological nature of spiders? Eating bats! Check out the video below to watch a giant spider eating a bat, if you dare…

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