Experts Claim Convicted Pedophiles Should Be Allowed To Own Child Sex Robots

One of the biggest fears of any parent is that their child will be harmed in some way. Whether that's emotionally, physically or sexually, the fear that their child will be a victim of abuse, weighs heavily on most parents' minds.

Nowadays, more than ever before, parents fear that their child will come into contact with pedophiles. This is down to the advancement in technology, and the fact more youngsters than ever are online.

Child sexual abuse destroys lives, and all too often, it claims them entirely. But the thing is, as a society we are at a loss as to how to deal with the problem of pedophilia effectively.

Many would argue that it's not enough to simply imprison sex offenders and put in place safeguarding procedures for children. In fact, many would call for the death penalty.

But perhaps more needs to be done to focus on precaution in order to curb the desire of pedophiles that could harm children either directly or indirectly (by downloading and viewing indecent images of children). There needs to be a more effective sexual rehabilitation program available to sex offenders.

Many people argue that when sex offenders are released from prison back into the real world, they need to be given additional support, otherwise reoffending rates will continue to go through the roof.

Well, as it turns out, some robotics experts are now claiming that realistic child sex robots could one day be used in prisons to help pedophiles overcome their urges.


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