These 13 Ex-Lovers Got Revenge On Their Cheating Partners In Outrageous Ways

Breaking up is never easy. Some couples can seamlessly separate, whilst others chose a more complicated route. In fact, some couples make things so complicated that all sense and reason is lost, and a war is waged.

The following scorned lovers were fully clad in their battle armour when they decided to take revenge on their cheating partners. Honestly, their savage plans will make you think twice before you even THINK about cheating on your partner. Whilst some of their actions may have been justified, we have to wonder, did some of them take things too far?


1. When he cheated on her, she edited all her Instagram captions to reflect their relationship more accurately…

After years of dating, this girlfriend wasn’t ready to completely clear her Instagram timeline of memories. So, instead, she chose to simply edit the captions to more accurately represent their time together. Other captions included: “He played me better than he played baseball” and “I should have stabbed him in the heart while I had the chance.” Revenge level: 100.

2. When she cheated, he wrote an honest review about it on Amazon

3. This girlfriend devised a genius way to pay back her cheating ex-boyfriend…

When her cheating ex-boyfriend got in touch to request that she reimburse him for Justin Bieber tickets he had bought, she agreed, begrudgingly. Furious that he would have the audacity to ask her to pay him back after he cheated, she chose to re-pay him in a unique way:

Rather than pay him the money outright, she chose to set up a direct debit in which she would pay one penny every month to cover the costs she owed. This process means that it will be 17 years before Dan Brown is fully paid back for his mistake!

Did you think that was bad? You haven’t seen anything yet…

4. I think it’s clear that Graham WON’T be having a “Happy New Year”…

5. Read all about it! Patrick’s wife didn’t come to play…

This wife decided to give her blessings to her husband and his mistress, after all, they were expecting a baby together. But, rather than go quietly, Mrs Brown had another plan. Publishing a small message in the local paper, she publicly gave her support, whilst also branding her husband a cheater. Gone, but not forgotten!

6. Have you seen this, er, dog?

7. This girlfriend ended their relationship with a splash

When her boyfriend cheated, she knew how to hit him where it hurts, without having to be arrested for assault. Clearly a technology connoisseur, her boyfriend had a vast collection of expensive equipment. We place an emphasis on the word ‘had’, for it is safe to say that it is no longer operational after she discovered he had cheated.

Did the husband take it too far with this next one?

8. This husband wasn’t ready to let his wife get away with this

Ironically, this husband calls the man his wife cheated on a “lowlife loser” while also vowing to stalk him and ruin his life. Could this petty behaviour be the reason his wife chose to find love somewhere else?

9. Her message was loud and clear

10. She decided to play a little game with her ex

Have you ever thought about how you would handle the situation if you found out your partner has cheated on you? Would you simply stay silent and leave, or would you make a scene and go out in a blaze of fire and glory? If it’s the latter, then maybe these next examples will give you some inspiration, should the situation ever arise…

11. Make some noise for this guy…

We wonder how far this 41-year-old man managed to travel before he noticed that his furious wife had taped a message to the rear of his car. It’s possibly safe to assume that he only made it a short distance before the incessant honking made him pull over.

12. This one really stinks! 

In 2011, a news story surfaced about tattoo artist, Ryan L. Fitzjerald, who, after learning that his girlfriend had been cheating decided to get creative. Instead of giving her the Narnia scene she had carefully planned on her back, he drew a steaming pile of poo. Needless to say, their relationship ended instantly.

13. This husband caught his wife cheating by using a drone!

When he suspected that his wife of 18 years was cheating on him, he began a surveillance operation to catch her in the act, but he wasn’t suspecting to see her so blatantly hop into a car with an anonymous man. The footage makes for surprising viewing.

Evidently, trust is hard to find. So, if you have it, keep it! And if you don’t, take inspiration from these stories and buy a drone and stalk them!

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