Everything You Need To Know For The New Season Of ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Monday, August 14th, it’s going down. The Bachelor is back, with half the episodes but double the run-time.

These new super-long episodes will feature a few changes from the series’ formula, and the entire season was already almost cancelled by a major incident between two cast members.

To begin with, a strict limit of two drinks per hour is being imposed on the cast. Producers and cinematographers get pretty uncomfortable when everyone is hammered and making advances on one another. The drink limit is also probably there to prevent any incidents involving distorted consent.

Secondly, no cast members are allowed to have sex without express permission from a producer. That’ll make things much more stunted and awkward, but also clamp down on controversy and simplify the job of the showrunners. I guess everyone will just have to do more work to secure the Bachelor, including paperwork and level-9 keycard access.

I wonder if the producer’s consent has to be written or just verbal? Also, its funny that a third person’s consent is needed for adults to engage in intimacy. But that’s just the price of being permanently watched and televised in all your grace and errors.

Bachelor diehards may recognize such names as Raven Gates, Amanda Stanton and Dean Unglert. They’ll all be present, along with Corinne Olympios, a controversial fan favorite. Or at least, she was supposed to be on the show. That’s what the major controversy is about.

Early into filming the season, Corinne and cast member DeMario Jackson got intimate with a lot of alcohol involved, and one extremely uncomfortable producer watching. Both Corinne and DeMario were fired for the season, though they still appear in major cast photos.

An investigation was launched into the incident, and no finding of non-consensual sex was found. DeMario and Corinne both say they are in love, though they will be absent for the vast majority of the season, which was filmed after their departure.

Now, I know Corinne’s name from cultural osmosis. She was the controversial and unpredictable cast member, and every reality show needs one. I admit I watched some of the Jersey Shore back in the day, and it got really boring once Angelica or whatever her name was left the cast. The secret to every good reality show is having one cast member who everyone hates and likes to dunk on. Without conflict, there’s no ratings.

Who will fill the role for the rest of Bachelor in Paradise? You’ll have to watch to know for sure.

I’ll admit I didn’t know the last season had ended, let alone that a new season had begun. But The Bachelor is an eternally revolving event in popular culture. It comes like the Earth around the sun, always there, lingering in the background, conjuring up thousands of articles and videos with each moment that passes by.

The canon and assemblage of information related to The Bachelor may outlive us all. We will all be dead and The Bachelor will live on, just as a new Star Wars film will be released every December for the rest of our lives, and probably a new Batman movie, or Justice League, or Aqua Boy, Astro Boy, why not make live-action moves out of anime as well? Oh wait, they already did.

There’s one thing that America will always be good for, and that’s creating pop culture.


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