Everyone Thinks They Know Who Was To Blame For The Vandalism Of The ‘Hollywood’ Sign

Those who live in the Santa Monica Hills woke up on New Year’s Day to find that the famous white letters of the Hollywood sign had been vandalised and altered to read “Hollyweed”. You could say that 2017 has started on a high note. (I’m here all week.)

Footage shows the suspect visiting the sign between midnight and 2am local time on New Year’s Eve and approaching the sign from behind to avoid being caught by sensors. Some believe that the sign was vandalised to support and celebrate the statewide legalisation of marijuana in California. If this is true, then they’ve made a pretty bold statement by targeting such an iconic landmark.


While everyone is talking about the stunt, no one actually knows who did it. The suspect has not been caught, nor is there any indication that the Los Angeles Police Department know who the culprit is. Some eagle-eyed internet sleuths may have the answer however, and it’s not who you would expect. Hop over to the next page to see who the most recent suspect is. 

The search is on for the vandal who artfully customised the Hollywood sign.  The culprit may still be roaming the streets, but some internet sleuths believe that the vandal may be Jackass star Steve-O. He turned to Facebook to air his thoughts on the stunt: “I don’t know who did this to the Hollywood Sign, but I’m quite impressed they got away with it.”

He certainly looks pretty impressed in the picture above. Furthermore, this kind of stunt wouldn’t go amiss on Jackass, so it makes sense for a Jackass star to be the mastermind behind the prank. However, the Hollywood sign has in fact been changed numerous times to read everything from “Oil War” to “Go UCLA”. It’s not even the first time the Hollywood sign has been changed to read “Hollyweed”.


On 1 January 1976, over forty years ago, an art student did the exact same thing. Cal State Northridge student Danny Finegood marked the day relaxed marijuana laws were instated by altering the Hollywood sign to read “Hollyweed”. What’s more, he received an A grade in his class assignment for the stunt.

Here’s hoping that either Danny Finegood has reinstated his career in provocative art or a new student is taking the prize for best prank of 2017 so far.

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