Ed Sheeran Proves You Can Play Every Pop Song Ever Made With Four Chords

Man of the moment Ed Sheeran has been making the rounds promoting his latest album ÷ (pronounced “Divide”) – not that it needs much help flying off the shelves. Sheeran’s third studio album overtook David Bowie’s Blackstar as the fastest selling album by a male artist in the history of the UK charts. Now, Sheeran is only surpassed by Oasis’ Be Here Now and Adele’s 25 when it comes to opening week album sales in the UK. It has been an astonishing rise to prominence for the 26-year-old singer, who has followed up his critically claimed and widely popular albums, + (plus) and x (multiply) with yet another chart-storming effort.

Following its release, Divide held a remarkable 16 places in the top 20 UK singles’ chart, Making Ed Sheeran the first person to ever achieve the feat. Astonishingly, the album also outsold all other albums in the top 500 combined – another staggering record-breaking feat. The Halifax-born singer/songwriter appeared stunned by his own success.

Loved the world over for his down to earth demeanour, Sheeran is also known for downplaying his many extraordinary achievements in music, staying determinedly true to his his image as a home grown boy turned rock god; his references to home and its virtues are apparent in lyrics across the unassuming singer’s music.

Indeed in a recent interview with  Greg James on Radio 1, on which Sheeran was asked how he felt about the unprecedented success of his new album and the astronomical success he has achieved in the notoriously fickle music industry at a still relatively young age, he was typically humble in his response:

“I never expected to have nine songs in the top 10 ever in my life, so yeah, I don’t know, something’s gone wrong.” 

Despite the commercial and critical success the new album has already received, the red-haired crooner continues his media whistle-stop tour. His latest interview with a Dutch late night TV show, RTL Late Night, turned out to be quite memorable. After a few drinks, Ed proceeded to argue that all pop songs can be played using only four guitar chords. When the host challenged him to prove it, he asked for a guitar and the rest is history.

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