Donald Trump Misspelled a Tweet and the Internet Has Gone to Town on It

To say that Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House thus far has defied convention would be an understatement. Those who had hoped that the former businessman might temper what was, at times, a divisive campaign trail rhetoric in favour of policies more in line with traditional Republican thinking will have been left dismayed by Trump’s opening salvo of executive order-driven policies, while his advocates are surely delighted at their man’s polarising directives.

Alongside a series of policies that have been widely protested – with some, like the two attempts at a travel ban on several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, blocked outright in court – there have been blunders and apparently misinformed comments from members of the Trump administration.

Kellyanne Conway has been a notable culprit of such mishaps, after a bizarre episode in which she referred to a “Bowling Green Massacre” that had not, in fact, taken place, and a series of other regrettable moments, not least her urging of Trump supporters to go and buy the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump’s clothing products.

Such misadventures have hardly served to enamour those swathes of the public that had voted for Donald Trump’s rival Hilary Clinton in last year’s Presidential Election, but Trump’s most staunch supporters remain firmly behind him despite such perceived shortcomings.

Enduring a rocky relationship with the press, President Trump has repeatedly used Twitter as his preferred method of communication with the public, but last night, the former businessman fell foul of his own Twitter predilection.

Though we have all made mistakes when writing what can be, at times, hastily prepared messages on social media, Donald Trump might be musing today that, when you are the leader of the free world, such mistakes are exacerbated far beyond normal realms.

The irony of Trump’s tweet, which reads: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”, will not have escaped reporters, who might feel that, should the President have made a statement through traditional means, such an error would presumably not have been made.

Inevitably, the internet immediately began rubbing its collective hands in glee at the prospect of a Trump typo, and promptly set to work parodying the tweet to hilarious effect.

Though in reality an innocuous error – albeit one that has caused such hilarity online – the last several weeks have been far from plain sailing for President Donald Trump. Following his sacking of FBI director James Comey, rumblings of impeachment began to surface, gathering pace in earnest after a series of events culminating in the alleged passing of information by the president to Russian officials.

An investigation into purported Russian attempts to influence last year’s Presidential election is ongoing, a road that some feel sure will end in disaster for team Trump. If impeachment were indeed to occur, it would feel to many a strangely fitting culmination to a tempestuous presidency that has defied convention and logic at nearly every turn.

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