Dog’s GoPro Captures The Moment She Is Attacked By Two Vicious Wolves While On A Hunt

In an alarming video, a dog wearing a GoPro captures the exact moment she is attacked by two wild wolves while on a hunt with her owner, Tommy, just outside Värmland County in Sweden.

It was moose-hunting season in Sweden at the time, and Tommy believed that his Swedish Elkhound, Klara, would aid him in hunting in the forest. But, in fact, Klara ended up being the one who was targeted.

Interestingly, Swedish elkhounds are actually known to look remarkably like wolves themselves and were bred primarily for hunting trips because of their strength.

The video shows how one wild wolf suddenly emerges from behind a tree, approaches Klara and then engages in an aggressive attack. The not too far behind, a second wild wolf follows and gives the first a helping hand.

The dog was lucky she managed to survive her severe injuries. And according to Svensk Jakt, a Swedish hunting magazine, her survival was probably only made possible because of the steel-lined vest that she was wearing.

As a result of the attack, Klara sustained a huge and very sore wound on her back

When Tommy became aware of what happened to his dog, she was taken to a vet and they immediately treated the largest wound before cleaning and stitching the 14 less serious injuries.

Fortunately, Tommy revealed that Klara was recovering very well just days after the attack although naturally was still very shaken by her plight.

Find the very harrowing footage in the video below:

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