Do Girls Look Better With Or Without Makeup? A New Instagram Trend Lets You Decide

The popular photosharing app Instagram has played host to many internet trends in recent years. Do you remember breading, planking, or the infamous Harlem shuffle?! Okay, so perhaps we didn’t really need to be reminded of that last one.

Now, the latest trend making waves on Instagram involves women posting pictures of themselves with makeup on one side of their face and no makeup on the other and asking which side looks better.

The trend is taking Instagram by storm, and, because it is such an image-based trend, it is unsurprising that the photosharing app was the platform of choice for participants.

However, this is not the first time a trend like this has been popular. A similar trend swept Twitter a few years ago when users were asked to post a picture of what they looked like when they first got up in the morning.

The photos were captioned #wokeuplikethis and generally showed people disheveled and without makeup. Several celebrities got in on that trend too, and some revealed themselves publicly without makeup on for the first time.

Plenty of female celebrities have purposely shown the world their faces without makeup. The list includes Adele, Cara Delevingne, Miley Cyrus, and Lady Gaga. Their natural looks go to show just how much work goes into looking red carpet ready.

In the new trend, it does not appear that any celebrities have participated as of yet, but, perhaps as momentum picks up, a few will decide to take part.

Removing makeup can be a controversial thing. For some women, it is not just about trying to look better, but it can also be about covering scars or blemishes that make them feel uncomfortable about their appearance.

Appearance is closely linked to self-esteem and stripping off the concealer and mascara can sometimes make a person feel very vulnerable. Makeup can become a mask for some people and that’s why¬†taking it off in public can be scary.

What is perhaps most interesting is that many respondents to the trend prefer the no makeup look on participants. While both men and women responded, the findings do match with results found in studies on whether men find women more attractive without makeup.

The majority of Instagram users wrote comments such as “No make-up is better!” on the posts.

Others, however, rightfully promoted a women’s right to chose what she does with her face. “She’s beautiful with and without the makeup,” wrote one Instagram user. “That’s the fun with makeup, you can do whatever you want!”

It turns out that a lot of men do not like women who wear too much makeup. However, preferring the no makeup at all look may be a bit misleading, as the studies showed that men generally prefer a natural look, but that doesn’t mean wearing no makeup at all.

It’s perhaps the bright eyeshadows and bold lips that are turning some men off. That being said, confidence is the sexiest thing of all, and if you can totally rock blue eyeshadow and neon lips, then chances are that you’ll still be turning heads.

The takeaway message from this trend should be that women are beautiful no matter how much or how little makeup they wear. How they present themselves to the world is ultimately their choice.

Everyone should feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. And if they don’t, a little makeup never hurt anyone. Just don’t shame anyone else for how they look – regardless of whether or not they’re a fan of mascara and lipstick.

In case you’re looking to cut down on your morning makeup routine, or perhaps just looking to achieve that perfect natural look, check out this awesome natural makeup tutorial below!

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